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Doctor surenthiran's MAV diet sheet


Thanks! Does anybody know what he means by “certain other alcoholic beverages”?


Here’s an article about alcohol as a migraine trigger:


This diet is kinda doing me a favour as he keeps me away from the naughty stuff when i’ve got a wedding dress to fit into in July. I am terrible for a biscuit when i find them that don’t have milk in.
I love coconut almond Alpro but found that the Koko milk has got less naughty stuff so i’m being good. Christmas i missed the chocolate and with Easter upon us now :triumph:
I love Tesco for the free from range. They have a great range of yoghurts and i love the dairy free and egg free chicken katsu curry :yum: yummy.
I also have the egg free pasta. I tend to stick with the low fat and milk free crisps and the popcorn for a bit of sweet.
I struggle with pasta sauces as most have lemon juice in which is a definite trigger for me.
Can i ask, you mentioned the MSG’s. I know it’s the salt alternatives in the chinese food, but what am I looking for under the ingredients in other foods?


Here’s a guide that provides the names of ingredients that contain MSG.
Hidden Sources of MSG.pdf (87.4 KB)


Thanks Anna. That’s a great help :slight_smile:

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Hello Scott, Dr S has put me on this diet and prescribed 10 mg of nortriptlyne before bed time. I’m afraid to take them as they are antidepressants. Do you have any idea if is going to work without take the tablets, or if i get them how long will take to make me feel better?
Thank you


Scottl hasnt posted here for about a year but if you work through his old posts by pressing his avatar you may find what you seek. From what I’ve read some people do get through this with diet alone. Depends how badly you are affected and what triggers it for you and we are all different. However if a consultant feels you need a drug to help, he obviously has good reasons for thinking so. Some consultants insist you try diet alone for a specified period, 2 or 4 months perhaps, before trying drugs. Some don’t subscribe to the use of diets at all. They all have their preference. Noritriptyline could start to work within a month however the experts reckon anything between 2-4 months with any migraine preventative to see results. Helen


Thank you so much Helen, you are so helpful, what symptoms did you have and what medication are you on?


Glad you didn’t think I was interferring. Oh, I’ve had 95% of available symptoms over the years I’d imagine for which I take Propranolol. You can read my MAV story under Personal Diaries but be warned it’s long! If you are wondering about others symptoms you may find this helpful. @flutters found this recently and I thought it’s pretty comprehensive and concise. Helen


Hey Vigs @getbetter, can you point Nic in the direction of the migraine survival guide? Thx


Below has been a very helpful read for many