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Doctor surenthiran's MAV diet sheet

I’m still trying to figure out exactly which diet most of you tried and/or stick to. I have “Heal Your Headache” book, but it’s copyright is 2002, so I feel it’s a bit outdated. I also have “The Migraine Relief Diet” by Tara Spencer which was published in 2016 and has more foods to avoid. So basically, now I’m jut confused… Help? :confused:

Hi there. I see Dr S too and follow his diet as listed above. He says other diets are too restrictive and stressful to follow. He lists the main ones. The diet and nortriptyline have done me well. Perhaps have a go with this one for a while and become more restrictive later on if you feel it necessary. It did take me some time though to start getting anywhere with it so give it time. Hope it helps.

The links not working for me ;(

So is Dr S fine with milk? I’ve been following the heal your headache diet (which I follow as strict as possible since 5/29/17) but in that book he says milk is fine just avoid age cheeses and yogurt. I had given up milk as well for about 5 1/2 months and then I realize that milk was allowed on the diet so I’ve gone back to drinking it and I haven’t noticed a difference

@ni_sm, I fixed the broken link in @robertgreen99’s post as it was in a format used before mvertigo was on the current Discourse engine, should work now.

Also attaching a link to Dr. S’s sheet here:

6Csdietandlifestyle.pdf (405.3 KB)

I’ve gone through phases with the diet. It’s not always been obviously helpful but other times it has been. Presently I’m doing pretty well but don’t restrict milk.

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Thanks! Does anybody know what he means by “certain other alcoholic beverages”?

Here’s an article about alcohol as a migraine trigger:

This diet is kinda doing me a favour as he keeps me away from the naughty stuff when i’ve got a wedding dress to fit into in July. I am terrible for a biscuit when i find them that don’t have milk in.
I love coconut almond Alpro but found that the Koko milk has got less naughty stuff so i’m being good. Christmas i missed the chocolate and with Easter upon us now :triumph:
I love Tesco for the free from range. They have a great range of yoghurts and i love the dairy free and egg free chicken katsu curry :yum: yummy.
I also have the egg free pasta. I tend to stick with the low fat and milk free crisps and the popcorn for a bit of sweet.
I struggle with pasta sauces as most have lemon juice in which is a definite trigger for me.
Can i ask, you mentioned the MSG’s. I know it’s the salt alternatives in the chinese food, but what am I looking for under the ingredients in other foods?

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Here’s a guide that provides the names of ingredients that contain MSG.
Hidden Sources of MSG.pdf (87.4 KB)

Thanks Anna. That’s a great help :slight_smile:

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Rather off-Topic!

Hi helsbels80. Are you following Dr S’s diet? As you don’t have to avoid eggs completely. You can eat things that contain egg like pasta or cake. He told me you can even have an omelette if you want, just don’t eat egg after egg. Just thought I’d mention it if it makes your life a bit easier.

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Hi Scottl,

Your message is very welcome as I’m currently sitting in Costa with my decaf coconut latte and ginger biscuits lol.
I have missed having a muffin and a good old bakewell slice.

Thank you for thinkin of me :grin:


Love Costa’s decaf coconut latte! :joy:

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My fave :yum:

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Hi Scott sorry for butting In on ur thread , but wondered if I could ask you some questions :slight_smile: I also see dr s . So eggs are ok? I also wondered when you were bad did you ever had this odd sensation where you felt spaced out and dream like? As odd as that may sound. I have just started ami at 20mg but not noticed much change yet . Just wondered how long at 40m it took to really feel a diff. Thanks so much in advance

Yes I had that out of body/ dream like feeling for ages. It’s horrible. My vision was really off too. I’d say it was maybe a couple of months after starting the meds that that I noticed that was getting better. Every time I upped my dose it made a difference. Then when I hit 40mg, after a while, started feeling completely normal. I still get off days but generally I’m fine.

I will say that getting better is a slow process. I didn’t notice a difference from week to week really. I’m not saying that to worry you, just to let you know what’s ahead. You have to be patient and kind with yourself. Not stressing about it is hard, but important. Stick with it and you’ll get there. Hope you start feeling a bit better soon.


And yes, Dr S says eggs can ‘be a problem for some people’. So I asked him to clarify that. You definitely don’t have to avoid things that contain eggs (cake or whatever) and if you can eat the odd egg if you’re ok with them. Every now and then I’ll have an omelette or something, but I wouldn’t eat them daily. Eggs aren’t t like cheese etc which a no nos.

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Guys, please don’t stray off Topic … look at the OP!