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Doctor Surenthiran is amazing.


I wanted to share my experience today with Doctor Surenthiran. I had to wait 6 weeks for a private consultation and the wait and money spent is worth every single moment of my appointment. He treated me like an individual, asked for specifics of my condition, gave deep and insightful explanations and gave me space to ask questions. Suffice to say he has diagnosed me with VM (explaining in the process why I have the symptoms and making me feel stable for the first time in months!). He has put me on a light dose of Nortryptiline and a VM diet. As an Italian no cheese, caffeine or red wine it is going to be tough - but the benefits will be immense down the line. Please please please if you are being pushed from pillar to post by the health system spend the money on Dr S it will be worth it!

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What a relief! To leave a dr and feel confident that you have been treated well, treated fairly, treated with respect and treated as if you’re not alone! This stuff makes you feel hopeless, helpless and very alone in the fight against an “unknown” ailment. Once we have it identified, we can begin the healing and hope! Congrats!

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David, yes, I see completely where you are coming from. I know how it feels to finally be listened to from someone who understands what you have been going through and it’s a big feeling of relief. Some Doctor’s are better at this than others, and I take it that Dr. S is very good with his patients. That is clear.

However please judge him on your long term care, not just on one visit.

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Dr s is also my doctor :slight_smile: he’s been amazing although I def think he offers a better service private over nhs !

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They all offer a far superior service privately, far far better which I think it is very sad for those that cannot afford the fees. I hasten to add this isn’t sour grapes cos I’m not able to afford it. I can easily and have paid to see consultants privately and don’t decry it. But I’ve known times years back when It would have been beyond my means and how frustrating that would be. He certainly seems clued up, and is probably the most MAV knowledgeable one there is in UK but does that make him ‘amazing’. He’s just doing the job he trained for, like all the rest using UK taxpayers money, and he’s enthusiastic and dedicated - to his private patients, at least. I’ve never met either of them but I’d reserve the term ‘amazing’ for Dr Hain who must have similar attributes but has, by using the internet to best advantage, shared alot of his knowledge and gained insight with so many. For me, that is amazing. Helen

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I do agree with a lot of what your saying and you’re right but I guess when you’ve seen so many crappy doctors who don’t diagnose you when you meet one who gets it it’s kind of a light bulb moment however it is a shame there aren’t more doctors that offer equally a good service on the nhs


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A light bulb moment indeed. I waited twelve years for that myself! Helen

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