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Do you have visual symptoms?


I have all of this too. I have had it since this all began for me in 2002. Fun times :confused:


Visual Vertigo (‘supermarket syndrome’ amongst other things) is supposed to be because the brain is over reliant on vision because it doesn’t trust the signals it receives from ears, etc. I suppose all the visual problems experienced are all illusions created as a result of the migraine brain’s oversensitivity not that that makes them any the less disturbing. As the migraine specialist neurologist I saw said when I walked into her office on the darkest, wettest winter day wearing a hat and 2 pairs of glasses. ‘It’s all a bit ‘hyper’! Master of Understatement, that one. Still apart from that, she was otherwise helpful.


I had the same problem where I felt visually impaired after a getting a botox for wrinkles. I really wanted my wrinkles to vanish so I had done this and it led to many problems.



Saw the Neuro-ophthalmologist today. He repeated all the tests my regular optometrist did plus added one that seriously made me hope not to have a seizure. Instant migraine, which I get to keep since I’m already over my allocated rescue meds for the week.

Upshot - it’s neurological rather than optical, annoying but probably harmless. He suggested I might want to swap out my beta blocker for the calcium channel blocker verapimil. The side effects of that include rapid weight gain. I’ll stick with VRT and my current med regime and live with the rest.


Thanks for sharing that. Very interesting to me. When I first started this long journey that eventually lead to MAV my first option was down the eyes route. Tried Vision Training, then at optician’s suggestion saw lots of opthalmology consultants and surgeons, all of whom referred me back to ENT. Not your eyes they said. Every last one of them.


Emily, what was that test? I’m curious.

And I guess it’s good news that he didn’t find anything wrong, but disappointing (I’m sure) that he didn’t find the smoking gun. I think we all wish that someone would just find SOMETHING to explain what is wrong with us. :slight_smile:


Well, fortunately I wasn’t expecting anything to come of it. I hit my deductible already, so I was checking a box my regular neurologist wanted checked. The uneven pupils and plethora of crazy visual issues freak her out. I’d done enough research going in to know my options. I’d already decided not to treat it unless he came up with something unexpected. In my mind, all this is visual tinnitus. Drives you crazy if you let it, so don’t let it.

The test was one of those stare at a lighted star in a dark box things. The bad bit was that the background flashed, pulsed and moved up and down. If I’d done that test a couple of months ago I would have thrown up immediately and needed a ride home. As it was it took 5 minutes for my vision to come back and the room to stop moving. Then they marooned me under fluorescent lights for 45 minutes. The neurologist was wearing a checkered shirt and cologne. He dilated my eyes. It took at least 10 minutes to stop seeing his flashlight patterns. I’m sure he said a lot of interesting stuff. I missed most of it. Sat in the lobby for an hour before I could walk back to the car.

Both my atlas and pelvis were displaced all weekend. I had to pull it together enough to get to the chiropractor to bang all that back in place. Had a migraine most of the day. My teeth hurt. I gave up and went to bed early. Woke up sore, but functional. Off to work.


Like that, most neatly put. All a sign of the brain’s hypersensitivity. Bronstein called Visual Vertigo ’ ‘visually induced vertiginous symptoms’. Most MAVer sufferers could probably come up with far more descriptive phrases. They are certainly much more than a nuisance!


I’ve been getting little black floating dots in my vision since this all started. They tend to get worse when I’m experiencing or am about to experience heavy migraine symptoms

I also used to get severe room tilting, which was very troublesome. It’s subsided in recent years, but I would literally see the room tilting on an angle. I could never tell if a room had right angles because everything would tilt every which way. That period of visual symptoms really sucked


My wife says i am a walking leveling tool…i can tell subtle slopes in a house, undulations in the floor. I know what you mean with tilting, i sit sometimes thinking i am gonna slide away.


My acupuncturist asked why I’m always on the left side of the table. Because I’m just sure the right side is downhill.


I had typical pre headache aura which started as blind spot in center of vision, working its way out to a crescent shape in periphery of vision, over abt 20min. This once or twice every 2-3yrs. Then, in early 40s, had prolonged auras only, rare headaches (aura without migraine). One episode of complete blurred vision in one eye for 6 hrs. Complete workup, and was deemed migraine. Since MAV, I’ve had FAR less visual scotoma, but way more sensitivity to fluorescent light. With really bad disequilibrium/dizziness flares (recently), I’ve had the very disturbing symptom of short bouts of complete wavy vision, like looking underwater or radiating heat coming off a hot road. I was convinced that was TIA, but Neuro ruled out with MRI. I’ve never had snow vision. For me, after hitting age 45, the ear symptoms seemed to replace the visual ones for the most part. Fluctuating high pitch tinnitus, crazy sudden ear sucking in feeling, temple sucking in, sensitivity to noise, quick sharp stabbing inner ear pain, short bursts of “helicopter” noise in ear. Ugh… I wish they could figure this all out!!


So you’re a human spirit level, eh.

Know exactly what you mean but surely ALL these things are signs of oversensitivity of the brain. The brain is ‘just’ overreacting to signals it gets which it would just deal with without you even noticing IF it was working normally. It’s gone ‘hyper’, again. It’s exacerbating everything. Happens to me. Sit me on a tubular chair. They vibrate everso slightly with any slight movement. If I sit in a stationery car and the dog, sitting in the back pants, here I go again. I can ‘feel’ the fuel going into the tank sitting in the petrol station. All those and, on a bad day and pre-meds on any day since MAV started, and I feel like I’m a boat out in a Force 7 gale. I’ve known it take days to stop!

Get similar sensitivity with my feet and have many times wondered if the 6 months sustained and gruelling VRT I did in 2015 did make me over-reliant on my feet for balance. It wouldn’t surprise me. I only have to put on a different pair of shoes and the whole world can feel different. A narrower foot base.

Same applies to light sensitivity. I’ll tell you the sun’s coming out or it’s going to rain half an hour before anybody else notices and I’m indoors doing this. Just the subtle change in light is so much more noticeable when my MAV is ‘wound up’. The sensitivity varies depending how much the MAV is ‘wound up’. It’s quite fascinating really for me probably because With this increased sensitivity Combined with the fact that I have a congenital eye condition, I’m actualy now able to see some things I’ve never seen before in my whole life. Until MAV believe it or not, my SO doesn’t I don’t think, I see the reflected light coming off the windscreen of a stationary car in bright sunshine. I’ve also noticed a slope on a road I can see if my window that… er, never used to be there,… and I lived in this house for decades. Never really thought about it til now but, surprise, surprise SOMETHING good or at least something possibly useful came out of MAV!