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Do we really need all that riboflavin B2? Absorption question


I read: ’ The body absorbs little riboflavin from single doses beyond 27 mg and stores only small amounts of riboflavin in the liver, heart, and kidneys. When excess amounts are consumed, they are either not absorbed or the small amount that is absorbed is excreted in urine [3].’
I was just wondering if taking a lower dose might give the same results. I am confused if it does anything if we only absorb so much at a time. Does anyone have a more clear answer on this? Before all this happened I took a B complex with 25 mg B2 and my urine still was colored from it.


I think same must apply to other vitamins and supplements. I know the body stores Vitamin D. It’s interesting what Dr Hain says about B2. Helen


Thanks for that. That page is very disappointing though I think because of what he says about the effectiveness of certain things. Dr Hain says butterbur doesn’t work :pensive: that’s kind of hurting my morale. I’m going to keep with it though and see. :weary:


Magnesium works ! Dr.Hain blesses it as well.



Hi Vivling. I take B2 as ‘riboflavin 5 phosphate’ as it is meant to be more absorbable. I can’t tolerate high doses as they have made me feel worse. Don’t know if it really helps but haven’t had too bad a day until now. I can feel ok one minute but the next really horrible. R.


I take 250mg B2 slow release. I agree it’s mostly just urinated out. But its cheap enough with no side effects (for me) that I just continue.


I found Petadolex (butterbur) to work.


With what @flutters said regarding butterbur working, it makes me think that perhaps some of these pills considered “placebo” like the Vit B2 actually do work. A lot of times we are self advocating and know what actually works with our bodies.


I have increased b2 to 400 mg a day and feeling awful at the moment. Wondering if this could be why.


Hi. There could be a million reasons for feeling worse. I am not a Doctor but the Ent Specialist I saw suggested Riboflavin 400mg in a follow up letter. I tried 100mg at first and felt worse so stopped it. Now I take it as ‘Riboflavin 5 phosphate’, which is the activated form and bypasses the Liver.I take a low dose and don’t think more is better.What else do you take?R.


I just started taking 400 mg if b2 and have felt quite bad for a taking magnisium and co enzyme q10 aswell.


Hi. I take those as well. R.


Thanks for all the input here. I think I might just try 100 mg riboflavin in the mornings and see what happens. Maybe that’s enough? I just want to know where the 400 mg number came from when they decided to use that in the trials. Was it just random?