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Dizzy Migraines


I’m writing this cause im concerned for my sister shes suffers from Dizziness… Also suffers from Migranes at an early age 16 now 46… It all happen at work she was typing in front of the computer and all of a sudden she starts getting dizzy and had a panic attack… She noticed that it lasted 24/7 and still has the dizziness its been going on 2 months and her dizziness is 24/7… she says i can handle the migraines but the dizziness wont let me do a damn thing…Shes has gone to a Cat scan, Mri, Cardiologist, and came back normal…Shes says she feels numb on both sides of her cheeks they ruled out Ms…She cant sleep at night cause she feels it wakes her up like its a tugging feeling like your falling…Shes start to lose hope and it worries me… A neurologist has prescribed a pill Meclzine but that takes 1 month to work… So in the meantime she cant do the things she used to do…She said her dizziness feels like someone is pushing her on her back…she has to hold on to the walls at times…I could tell shes tired of this and its driving her crazy… Please Help! Whats our next step? Will this be her life? I mean her dizziness or is their a magic pill to take away this dizziness… I need advice please…


Has her neurologist said it may be MAV? Maybe you guys should try and suggest it to them if they have not figured out anything else. I would suggest asking about meds, as well as getting the book about migraine diet. if she has anxiety you should seek the medication for mav that helps that as well. i know the diet thing sounds like it is crazy and wont work, but i really do believe it does. i didnt believe it myself until i now feel better. here is a link to the book.

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