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Diuretic ??


Ha ha…love it James😁
A litle of what you fancy and all that!!!


I do miss red wine - too scared to try it at the moment as I don’t want to rock the boat, or should I say head!


Yeah take a break for a bit. Maybe have one glass when you’ve stabilised.


Well you are a fine one to talk! I’ve had commercial red wine once in about the last 30 years, and, boy, did I pay for that! Commercial red will always get me. I made my own for 10-15 years at one stage and was fine with that. Reached conclusion it’s the chemicals used to clear it. I never used any, just keot it longer to clear itself and was always fine on that. Stopped making it because never really that much if a drinker anyway, just collected a huge backlog, nearly ran out of storage room. Helen


Thanks jo :slight_smile: I just don’t understand how it all links :woman_facepalming:t2: I will be asking. Dr s this next week for sure . Hope ur doing ok ? X


All those questions you are going to ask Dr S. i have this mental image of you walking into his office with a list on a scroll reaching the floor (mind you don’t tip over it) and Dr S nowhere to be seen because he’s hiding under the desk or in a cupboard. And my GP always refers to me as ‘the lady what reads’! Helen


Lol if you don’t reasearch you never know :slight_smile: but yes I have a list of questions all written down :grimacing:


I did a powerpoint for my doctor for last visit … lol


Yes, according to Hain, it’s noted on his flowchart at the bottom of this page:


I’ve never had vertigo though so does this mean I don’t have this?


There are some users, e.g. Beatles909, who never had “true spinning vertigo” (he went on to largely recover btw and may be continuing to improve).

Not everyone experiences vertigo.

Mine started out without vertigo, but I developed it later on. I don’t get it anymore.


I’ve never had vertigo just lots of rocking and thing moving :grimacing:


I have not had vertigo this time (i just had once vertigo like 10 years ago for a few days and never again any symptom).


There’s a thread dtd Nov 2011 ‘Ear pain with MAV’ might be of interest. Just happened on it earlier today. In fact if you search ‘ear pain’ there’s alot of info abt it on this forum. Helen


Allow me



Haha! Be prepared - I love it. Might do that myself next time I see Dr S.

Amy - where do you see Dr S ? I had heard through the grapevine that the Medway clinic is going to close down. Argh!


Thanks Helen that’s really helpful I’ll look for it now :slight_smile: