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Day 7 of Ups and downs


Hi all, so today is the seventh day of being a recluse… still feeling pretty rubbish and I seem to be so emotional, Im trying to do little things like the washing and gentle pottering about the house to keep me going ( with sunglasses) yesterday I appeared to be more stable than today and my vision was better than today albeit the headache I got was quite something.

Today Im alot more unsteady, especially this morning, Im exhausted trying to keep my balance and feel sickly on and off. No really eating much. Its difficult to have a appetite when you feel like you’ve just stepped off the Pepsi Max! :nauseated_face:

Im trying to avoid triggers which is difficult as im not certain what they are. Ive tried to avoid the tv and limit time spent reading. Ive had a little wonder around my garden when I felt more steady. Any tips for a speedier recovery?

I feel im going stir crazy in the house :thinking::triumph:


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