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Dandelion Root??


I actually have had dandelion root in my arsenal for awhile. I just never tried a full dose (3 capsules per day). It’s been a miracle worker - at least 75% myself again. Not sure if it’s the diuretic properties or the anti-inflammatory but I’ll take a win when I can!

Saw the neurologist on Monday and he no longer thinks it’s MAV but rather Vestibular Neuritis. He can’t prescribe dandelion root of course, but if it’s working wants me to keep taking it. So for right now, no prescription meds except my thyroid medicine. He thinks this could absolutely be viral in nature, however since I currently have no signs of a viral outbreak (fever, rash, cold sores, etc.) he will not prescribe anti virals.

I’ve ordered some L-Lysine just to see if it makes a difference but I wanted to share the Dandelion Root with ya’ll. I also ordered the light blocking glasses and it helps on the computer a lot as well. This group has been a godsend for me! I hope you all keep focusing on the positives and have a wonderful holiday season!