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Changes dependent on hormones?


Hi…i think i may give HRT a go…menopause and MAV came hand in hand too much of a coincidence.
Jo x


I’m happy to hear some of my suspicions validated. I’ve read a bit of Dr Hain’s site before but now I’m going to focus upon the menopause information and his site and I’ll dig into the woman’s biz history here. My focus up until now has been on diet, sadly that hasn’t been the magic bullet I’d hoped for.

So, HRT…I’m thinking that it will probably be difficult to find an open minded menopause specialist who will “get” the migraine connection. I’ve had a couple doctors tell me that there’s a correlation between migraine and stroke, therefore supplemental estrogen, which (probably) increases one’s risk of stroke is contraindicated. Just repeating what’s been told to me and I have not researched this at all.

I’d be interested to learn more from women here who are probably better informed than the average doctor. What can anyone tell me about HRT and migraine? Does anyone have experience with bio-identical HRT?


Never has any medic connected menopause and migraine or MAV with me. I think all MAV must have a root cause and for many women that’s hormonal. If you do a timeline you may see some connection in your own case or not. If you intend to try HRT there’s only a narrow window it will be available to you if you are menopausal. Not sure what type of specialist would be best to contact. I think you are going about it the best way. Educate yourself about it as much as possible then maybe try your GP first. There’s conflicting opinions out there and no guarantees with it but that’s the same as with the preventative drugs on offer. Good luck with your search for recovery.


It would be geat if you could keep us updated with any information you may come across as to whether HRT could possibly be something to trial. I for one would certainly give it a go. Im planning to discuss it with my GP
Jo x


So interested in all your comments. My migraines started with the birth of my first child and subsided during peri-menopause, but the MAVs started sometime after that (like maybe 7 years later), but initially the same time every month just like the regular migraines. Now with the Effexor XR I hadn’t had one in about 15 months+/- until 2 weeks ago. Hoping it was just a fluke. Good luck to all. It is an awful thing to have.