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Changes dependent on hormones?


Basically this post is for the ladies mainly, but if anyone has any information that’d be great.

I’ve been noticing a certain trend with my flare ups. My symptoms seem to be getting worse around ~that time of the month (period, basically)~ do any ladies on here get that too? I’m assuming it has to do with all the hormone imbalances that happen right before.

Any special remedies or things that you do that help around that time of the month, extra meds maybe?



Migraine/MAV seems very hormone related all round. I’ve made a bit of a study of MAV onset/progression through life cycle of women and can certainly see patterns. There seems to be a post partum type and a pre-puberty and post menopause type (that’s me). I went through exactly 40 years, all my fertile years, migraine-free. Within months of menopause, bingo! So although I’m past confirming your suspicions personally I think you are right. In fact I noticed alot of the younger sisterhood on here mentioning the connection. If you have a scout around the forum I’m sure you’ll soon find them. Not sure how they tackle it but no doubt they will soon be in touch to say. I think most of the migraine preventative drugs are supposed to be taken daily at the same fixed level dose and not intended to be increased to cover acute/increased symptoms. They work more long-term.
@turnitaround whilst wishing to spare yr blushes Think this thread may have been started in the wrong place.


thank you @Onandon03!


Mine seems to be as well. Still trying to figure out exactly what is going on but I do have low iron. Have you had that checked?


I started with regular migraines immediately after I had my first child at the age of 34 and had migraines regularly for years around the time of my period. I took Imitrex for the regular migraines. Then I went thru menopause and my migraines subsided, but suddenly about 7 years after menopause the vestibular migraines started and always at the same time of the month. I did my own research and told my family doctor that I needed Effexor XR 37.5 mg for these headaches and she gave it to me. I have been MAV free for over a year now. I have on 2 occasions had a mild breakthrough MAV, but it usually only lasts an hour or 2. Mine are definitely hormonal. I should mention that my mother also had migraines.


One of my best friends from work now in her 80’s had straight forward headache type migraine from soon after birth of her first child until menopause. Never had one since. Her daughter seems as if she may repeat the pattern, and she has three daughters!

Strangely enough same best friend from work diagnosed my migraine, many years before the neurologist did and before I knew I had it. I described what I was experiencing at the time, constant vertigo, loss of balance, head pressure, D&V etc lasting up to 72 hours, and she said ‘that’s just like my migraine, only without the headache’, and we both laughed, and continued to wonder whatever it was I did have.