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Has any one in this group tried CBD?



Do you mean CBT? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?


CBT (if that’s what you mean) can be helpful in changing the way you deal with difficult circumstances or conditions - ie helps with how you manage the impact of this condition on your life, and how you psychologically deal with it. That can in turn help the symptoms because stress can be a major problem with, and trigger for, these kind of disorders.


If you are talking about CBD oil, I have tried it. It helped for awhile, I felt the clouds and fog go away however I developed severe tension headaches and I think floaters as a result. Maybe I didn’t try the right one? Experimenting will surely tell with time, everything is different for everyone. Good luck!


I’ve been looking into CBD oil in the last week or so - I’m getting a sample sent from CBD Brothers (UK) to try, as I’m nervous of it making me worse, and they offered a trial! - I’ve read mixed things about it on a VM Facebook group I occasionally dip into. CBD Brothers also advised everybody is different, which is why they offer samples. I could see it really helping with my anxiety, and general relaxation of tension (in shoulders and neck etc.), which in turn should feed into migraines getting better as those triggers should be reduced… that’s my theory. I also just feel like it should spread a ‘calm’ over my brain… which would be delightful :slight_smile:

Tracey x


turnitaround , No, I meant CBD oil.


Got it. No wonder you were asking :slight_smile:


Good luck! hope you succeed. I found out CBD in Israel is illegal , so that;s it for us. No CBD.


you could always have someone from the US send it to you. I would be willing to help you out if you’re still interested, theres a company I buy from called Charlotte’s Web by the Stanley Brothers and they are extremely reputable, its the best strain out there. No THC or marijuana. If you want to purchase you can add me on Facebook and we can go from there!