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Can't do it anymore


@camille_chaf Acceptance does not mean surrender. It means being OK with the present while you research the heck out of treatment options to get better.


You are correct in that. I guess I didn’t think of it like that. That is so true. I will not give up.



after World War 2, a large study was undertaken of why some American Prisoners Of War held by the Japanese had very different survival rates from others despite identical physical circumstances. it was found that their inner beliefs were a huge factor. [the study was, i believe, based on tens of thousands of debriefing interviews and programmes after the war was over]

group 1: “we’re doomed, we’ll never get out of here” dropped like flies, with a very poor survival rate.
group 2: “we’ll be home by christmas” survived very well until Christmas (or whenever) passed and their illusions shattered; survival rates plummeted after their ‘deadline’ passed and the succumbed to disappointment.
group 3: “We’ll get out of here some day, but until then we just have to make the best of it that we can” had by far the highest survival rate. they kept up the hope that they would one day be released (they were, eventually) but accepted that they had to live within the confines of the world they were in until then.

it’s hard but i try to position myself in group 3, and some days i see MAV as a kind of POW experience.

things that have provided fast relief for me when symptoms have been really bad, include:

  1. herbal tea and listen to meditation on my headphones
  2. phone a friend or close relative and tell them how sh*t i feel (i usually get a pep talk)
  3. do something not-too-challenging like washing the dishes or cooking something or just tidying up the house.
  4. realise i only have to make it through one day, and map out the things i’m going to do to get me through that one day.
    even if they don’t ‘cure’ the symptoms they take my mind off them and let me relax a bit.



Thank you for your comments. Your thoughts always seem to help me out. I heard something very similar in regards to holocaust survivors. I think attitude has a lot to do with it. I’m pretty good at attitude except when I’m feeling really bad.

Is there anything else you suggest for particularly bad days? I’m so confused because I was doing well for a while. Then I came off medicine and two weeks later, BAM, not doing well. I’m in dispair

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