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Cannabis now legal in the UK for some health conditions


So it has to have THC? I have the one without that


I seem to sleep better if it has a small amount of THC. But honestly I don’t think it matters much, with or without it. The amount of THC is so small anyways.


THC is controversial and mileage varies from person to person. Some folks with Meniere’s and VM swear by CBD with THC. CBD without THC the one i take is super mild and the effect is not earth shattering but still effective.


There’s a TV Documentary being aired tonight, 28th January, on UK television Channel Four, entitled ‘Steph and Dom: Can Cannabis save our son?’ about about epilepsy and the possible use of cannabis. I was interested to read the following in Radio Times current edition referring to use of Cannabis in the UK.

Under the title “Medical Cannabis” it says the NHS says the November changes to legalisation would benefit only a ‘very small number of patients’, then goes on to it mention the imminent legalisation in UK of Epidiolex (already licensed in US) which does contain CBD and further states:

“the NHS says that online products professing to contain CBD Oil risk being unsafe to use and would also be illegal to possess or buy”. Helen


well, it certainly seems safer than getting someone on a drug and then not being able to fulfill their prescription down the road.:grinning:


The National Health Service (NHS) really struggles to cope these days. There are insufficient funds for it to be everything to everybody. It was a Godsend when it arrived in 1947. My grandmother told me although she never went often because I don’t think in the back of her mind she really believed they wouldn’t charge her as had been previous medical practice. I think the time is approaching when it will be re-christened ‘The Not Happy Service’, if it hasn’t been already. Helen