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Can you take Ami as a rescue med?


I’ve been doing well enough lately that I left my rescue meds in the truck. My husband had to go back outside and disturb the elk to fetch them for me.

Sometimes I take MAV along with me, but I always go. Life’s too short not to play. And sing and dance, even if you get dizzy. And if I give myself a headache playing my radio too loudly, that’s ok. This too shall pass, until some other great song comes on. :wink:


Morning, what a really positive post to read first thing! I’ll be turning up my radio later. Fair play to you, glad you had a great weekend :grin:.


And all this from the lady who once said she didn’t realise VRT therapists could create such torture with everyday office stationery! Perhaps you could patent all those MAV triggers and make your fortune selling MAV VRT training Away Days? Helen


That’s hilarious!

You’re right, I’ve come such a long way! Thanks.