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Can you please tell me about your vetigo and dizziness?


It never occured to me to ask, can someone please describe the typical vertigo/dizziness in MAV patients?
I am sorry I have been having a lots of sx lately to read this forum, but as some of you know I am doing an Aimovig trial and updating you in a different thread.
Would be really grateful to know:

  • how these vertogo feel like?
  • How long they last?
  • Is there a constant nausea and dizziness that goes for hours or days for some?
  • Are headaches nevertheless frequent?



Varies. A quick falling sensation, a rush of anxiety, or a full on feeling of the room spinning, sometimes so violently you want to vomit.

Seconds to an hour in my case.

Yes. My dizziness was constant 24/7 until I took Amitriptyline and even then I was left with constant unsteadiness, a feeling of imbalance.

No, at the beginning I had a few classic headaches, then some full on migraines, but they went away, later replaced with occasional ‘brain fog’.


Vertigo; acute for me always room spinning violently, accompanied by severe nausea and diarrhoea, unable to open eyes or move head even to drink. Initially lasted 3-4minutes, then regular (3-4 times a year) 72 hour atracks, then later 8 day attacks. With a few better days, then another 8 day. So sick sometimes had to have injection to stop the vomiting causing dehydration.

Dizziness - in my case, I was 24/7 rotary vertigo where room still but I feel I’m spinning 24/7. Lasted more than three years until drugs stopped it. Accompanying nausea for over one year or until controlled by meds, So yes, constant nausea and dizziness common and long lasting. Nausea always worse with room spinning vertigo than internal spinning.

Headaches: I never had any headaches until the vertigo attacks went to 8 days in length but everyone’s different really. Helen