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Can anyone tell me if klonopin helps your dizziness?


Ive been prescribed klonopin for anxiety but have MAV. I’m a little worried about taking this med as I’ve read so
much about hou addictive it is and how hard it is to get off of. I’ve taken xanax on and off for years but never everyday. My doc wants me to take it every night, its worrying me. Can anyone tell me about this med and how it helped you, how much you take, for how long you have been on it, do you take it everyday, did you have to increase the dose all the time? Thanks for any help.


I only tried klonopin once but have been on Xanax, small dose, every day for about 4 to 5 years now. The Xanax helped my dizziness a lot at first, enabled me to keep working for a long time. Now it helps a little bit but not nearly as much. My doctors tried to get me off of it, I got about 25% lower, but got too dizzy and anxious & am currently physiologically dependent on it. If it wasn’t the only medicine that I have found to help my dizziness I’m sure I’d be able to come off of it easier. I will try again if I can ever feel better with the help of another medicine. Overall, I’d say Xanax is a band-aid that helps but you may need more of it over time. I have not increased my dose and am trying so hard not to. But, if it’s the only med that helps the dizziness it’s understandable to go for it.


Hi Dizzy62,
I won’t bore you with my story, because I think everyone here has experienced pretty much all of the same symptoms I have.
Like you, I was very afraid to try Klonopin, but I’ve been taking 5mg (2.5 at night/2.5 in morning), and it has helped a bit. I don’t want to stop, because I’m happy for any relief I can get. Before the Klonopin, on top of all the other MAV symptoms, I developed involuntary teeth chattering and a hand tremor (one side). The Klonopin has really helped that aspect. I’m still dizzy, and every day is a challenge, and I keep hoping for a miracle.