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Break from work?


when this first hit me there was NO WAY i could work, i couldn’t walk to the train station let alone work. but after a while i was able to work from home (laptop and phone calls) though it was hard (a) because laptop screen triggered nausea/weird eyes and (b) tinnitus was so bad i couldn’t concentrate on phone. i was kind of on work-from-home sick leave for 6 months. then work offered me redundancy due to disability which i took. it was hard to do, but it has really helped to get rid of all the stress of not being able to work properly, and to give myself a chance to heal. it’s a serious condition, and it does take time.
it’s really hard to find a balance between giving yourself a break, and not falling into financial ruin! but if you can find a way to either reduce your workload to manageable levels or take a decent chunk of time off, then do it if you can.


thank you - I’m going to see what Dr S says tomorrow.