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Brain fog supplement


have found a supplement that really helps me with brain fog. It is available on Amazon is called Ultra-Resveratrol and is made by Swiss Bio-Energenics. The effect is amazing and very quick. I only take one capsule. It is an antioxidant with proven results to help the brain.

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James I am sorry I cannot add the picture but it comes in a white container with a blue label so is easy to spot.


Got it, thanks for the recommendation Margaret! Added a pretty link :slight_smile:


I’m never sure if what I feel is brain fog as I feel dizzy and also just fatigue which makes it hard to have the motivation/energy for computer work (which is boring but still lack energy). Did this help with energy at all?


It helps with both energy and those frustrating moments when you cannot think straight or do things you normally do without thinking, you have to think really hard and still can’t do them! Terrestrial has helped me with both of those things.