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Brain fog/floating sensation fixes?


Hello everyone! I have posted my story on here not too long ago, and am new here. I would like to know what has helped you all with the floating, derealization brain fog feeling? I get it about every other day, it’s extremely difficult to shake off and can’t just give up on those days since college is starting soon again. Any supplements or help is greatly appreciated!



Have you been diagnosed with MAV? Sorry I haven’t seen you other post. I’m new here too.

I have had a lot of “the floating, derealization brain fog feeling” for the last 3 months, among other symptoms, and have just been diagnosed with MAV by Dr S and starting treatment on Pizotifen.

Basically those symptoms are part of the MAV symptom list.

I find Vit b12 (sublingual) tablets, Feverfew, Co Q10 vitamin supplements all help a bit. I take vitamin C as well.

I find being outside in natural light, going for a short walk also helps.

also - de-stress and relax as much as possible. it’s hard, but get a meditation app for your phone, do breathing exercises etc, and remember that these are symptoms of a condition - you can manage them to a reasonable extent, but if you overdo it they can get worse. so try to find a balance of what you can manage to do without exacerbating the symptoms.

Let me know if I can help, if you have any more Qs?


Oh, and Magnesium supplements too.


Have you tried anything with your diet? I’m trying out a gluten free to see if that helps with the floaty feeling. A few people I’ve seen on here found relief by that. Does the doctor know you are taking the magnesium and cq10? I’m curious if I should just go ahead and try it or wait to see his opinion.

My neuro-otologist said he’s pretty sure I have MAV so taking the steps to “treat” it as if it is. I’m doing my best to de-stress and know that the “freaking out” moments are temporary. If you let yourself stress too much, the symptoms tenfold!


Yes; gluten free and low lactose. Plus avoiding all the migraine triggers - lists are easy to find on the web: caffeine, cheese etc. Plus “symprove” probiotics - but I had a bad stomach infection that seemed to kick this off in the first place.

If I were to guess, I’d say diet plus de-stressing will help ease the symptoms. Meds - if they work for you - can help even more, and hopefully get you to a better place.


PS I told the doc I take the supplements; he says they help but the meds are much stronger help.


PPS I think doing all the right things and not doing the wrong things all help a little bit - if you think if all those small % gains adding up, at some point it becomes quite a big change for the better.