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Botox - do you find you feel worse the first couple of weeks after Botox?


Hi all, just wondering how many of you have botox as a treatment option for your Migraine?
I find almost right away after having botox, I feel really fatigued and have a bad couple of weeks after the treatment.

Is anyone else the same?


@jojo65 is the one to ask. I know the Botox seems to peak and trough but not sure of exact symptoms. I know Botox seems to wear iff as she’s approaching the next treatment date. Also have you tried using this site’s Search facility. That’ll give you any archive Botox material thats ever been on mvertigo. Helen


Thanks Helen I shall have a look through the archives. :grin:


I absolutely do feel worse for a few weeks after Botox. Ive had 3 rounds and felt worse after each treatment. Increased dizziness and headache and unbelievable fatigue…then i reap the rewards. This time i went 6 weeks straight without 1 headache in my diary. I also feel tender across my brow for a week or two after as well.
Jo x


Jo, I reckon if you are ever to attain your Brownie Badge in ‘Good Citizenship’, you are gonna have to write up your considerable MAV experience under ‘Personal Diaries’ for the benefit of posterity and subtitle it ‘Botox Queen’ for easy reference! Helen. xx


Helen…ha ha you are so funny. My work colleagues love my " dot to dot" look across my brow after treatment. They cant believe how much improvement it has given me…the amount of times i have been took home from work ill over the last 4 years amounts in dozens x dozens…this doesnt happen anymore.:crown::crown::crown:


That is good to know @Jojo65 this will be my 3rd round. I always find I do feel shocking immediately afterwards but had around 5 days of no headache a couple of months ago… now trying Amitryptline too so maybe I will gain more relief! Good to know that people do feel similar to me after having Botox. :grin: x


@Jojo65 Hi Jo! Hope your doing well!!! :grin:
Just thought I would message you as the botox queen!! Haha! I was starting to feel better after my relapse and 5 weeks on 20mg of Ami and had some great days last weekend! Not 100% but much better! Then Tues had botox and now im feeling migrainey all over again! I usually do… but I wanted to ask you when you say 6 weeks headache free? Do you still have other MAV symtoms? Or nothing for 6 weeks? X


Yes i do still have other MAV symptoms but im taking Venlafaxine to help with those…like the detached, dizzy, drunk and disorientated feelings ( the 4Ds). But the Botox helps with the pain element as in the chronic headache, ear & nose pain and neck stiffness. Mind u its taken a good 5 weeks for my Botox side effects to settle down this time…i felt rather unwell from it


@Jojo65 Oh really? You know it is ironic I have felt asif my migraines have been a little more intense since botox but I do recall once I went five days headache free! Was nice although I was still dizzy. Im holding out hope and there is the Aimovig coming to the NHS this summer my neuro was telling me! She said it is basically for people that fail every other treatment option! :face_with_head_bandage:
I hope your starting to feel better! X


Oh yeah im defintely on the right track…thre Botox is kicking in great now. I have had flu so that hasnt helped but my headaches are diminishing . It saved my life Botox. Im about 70% better on the dizzy front

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Hi Kirsty. Hope u don’t mind me asking but are you in the UK? The neurologist my GP referred me to returned my appointment as he said he didn’t do botox! He hadn’t even seen me! I get such bad migraines and vertigo along with neck pain I would love to try it. I expect I will have to pay for it if I want it. R.


@oak17 Hi Ruth, I lived in Oxford for years but relocated to Yorkshire (where I am from) I still get treated down south because I choose to travel to see my neuro. So ive been seeing her for almost 10yrs now :grin: and the new one for botox.
I would really try and get a gp to refer you to a neuro that does the botox. Its got to be worth a try for sure! X


@oak17 you do have to have more than 15 migraines a month and have failed 3 different drugs before botox would be considered however
Hope you get to try it soon! :grin:


Hi. I certainly meet criteria as far as the migraines goes, but only tried two drugs. They are absolutely hopeless!At least you can still go to the same neuro. I probably would be told I was out of the area! Hope u feeling ok today?R.