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Boston Doctors


Has anyone seen either of these doctors at Mass Eye & Ear - Richard Lewis or Adrian Priesol? After months of PT with a specialist in Waltham my husband has been referred by Steven Rauch to either of the two above doctors. I know Dr. Lewis is well known, I have not heard about Dr. Priesol.


@BHMaloney deals with Priesol. Says he’s very straight forward and scientific. I was actually thinking of going to him as well, since I can’t get a hold of my neurologist after I leave their office at Yale University.


I’ve heard both are good doctors. I’ve seen Dr Lewis, he diagnosed my MAV… I like him - very pragmatic about things. I’ve only been for consultations though, it’s too hard to get to Mass Eye and Ear regularly.

I’ve also heard good things about Dr Priesol. This is who my ENT had referred me to actually, I ended up seeing Dr Lewis because he had read my initial test results earlier.


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RESPONDING! I think seeing either one will be fine. It seems they are involved in the same research etc. Hope this helps my husband!