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Better with one eye closed?


Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone’s symptoms are significant ameliorated by closing one eye? I also can make my dizziness go away substantiall If I don’t wear my contacts. Anyone else had this experience? Is it worth going to an optometrist?



Better with one eye closed.

I would say so. Something in your prescription has probably changed I’d imagine. Sometimes drugs or supplements you are taking can change it. Sometimes it just changes. Depends on what symptoms are being suppressed by closing one eye. It will reduce light entering by 50%, also stop double vision being seen for the obvious reason you are only looking at one image. Really not sure what it might mean if it reduces dizziness apart from maybe the prescription is no longer valid. It would be interesting to know and understand that. I’d certainly get it checked out. Might ultimately lead you to some sort of solution to the exact cause of your dizziness. Certainly an interesting one that.



I think you can search for a neuro optometrist and look for any binocular visual dysfunction.
More info here:



Thanks all. I’ve got an appointment with a neuro optometrist in the beginning of September and a fullwork up scheduled at the wills eye hospital in Philadelphia with some neuro ophthalmologists in a few weeks. I’ll respond with what i (they) find.



good luck, I got first diagnosis of vertical heterophoria, and got prisms, but did not work for me, went again, and got diagnosed with superior oblique palsy, and got prism in my right eye. I also have convergence insufficiency and I am doing vision therapy for it. I think it is helping with my vision, but not my dizziness, that is why I think I have two separate things going on, my eye issues and my migraine issues.


After my first “major” attack of MAV about a year ago, for a few months after I would close 1 eye whenever moving around or turning because it alleviated symptoms (I get highly visually sensitive to motion), but it never really affected the vertigo symptoms while laying down or with my eyes closed.

I also have not worn my contacts since that attack because the “clearer” vision heightens my visual sensitivity and makes me more aware of the visual / motion disturbances I get, instead I’m wearing 10 year old outdated Rx glasses that make seeing passable without triggering things too badly.

I did see my regular Optometrist before my MAV diagnosis who said my eyes were fine, but that’s as far as I ever went with it… in the past I’ve been told my eyes don’t work well together though, I tend to ignore the vision in my left eye.

Good luck with your workup!