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B2 dosage for MAV?


Thanks!! Mine are the regular ones :thinking: next time I buy I will look for those ones :grin: :blush:


That is great! Well if it is the B2 that is helping fab! I can honestly say the shock feeling of falling through the bed is awful especially when you feel quite secure and then lay down to that feeling.
Not pleasant :triumph:


Yeah, it’s very sudden indeed. That’s the worst part about this “condition”. One minute you’re solid, then the next second you’re a mess out of nowhere for God only knows why.


I’ve heard people taking extra biotin (B7) to help with that, just thought I’d mention it so you can look into it. Never heard that B2 helps with hair.


You are right - I think the B2 is for skin health and that’s why it is in the multi-vitamins supplements I am taking aimed at skin, hair and nail health . It includes biotin too so fingers crossed I will notice the difference - eventually! :blush:


Hi MNEK18 , Are you still on the B@ supplement? I am finding that I just don’t feel well on 100mg B2. I feel it makes my dizziness worse. I don’t think I could go higher. I have always been sensitive to supplements and medication. This is like being a detective to find out what triggers the man symptoms when we are exposed to so many triggers.


Read Dr Hain on Vitamin B2.


Just spent the whole time reading that article and the other links Dr. Hain suggested. That was excellent. At least I know now what not to waste my time trying. Apparently, he thinks B2 is a placebo for many people and doesn’t recommend it. He did recommend magnesium which I take sporadically. He recommends 500mg daily. I will start slowly and increase as tolerated to see if I notice in time that this helps.


Hi @rosjane I was taking the b2 but I found that they upset my tummy, at the moment I am carrying on with the magnesium alone for a few weeks. I Will reintroduce the b2 and Co-enzyme very slowly after a couple of week so I know for sure what is causing the upset tummy. Im sorru that you’re feeling unwell on B2 could your tru halfing the dose and see how you get on? X


If I do start back on the B2 I would definitely decrease the dose like you said. I am going to try to stay consistent with the magnesium to see if this helps. I think it best too to try one supplement at a time to make sure I don’t have any reaction. If all goes well with the magnesium then I want to try the coQ10 next. I am so sensitive so it does make sense trying one supplement at a time. Have a great day


400mg a day b2, divided in 200mg morning and night.
I only do the 200mg morning along with 5000mcg b12 and nature’s valley I believe it is b stress complex.

Very little to no headaches. Will take 200mg b2 evening if it is a super tight head day…

I also canny take magnesium orally. I
if I want to tense every muscle in my body… Consume magnesium. I I use a lotion form from Jordan essentials for muscle tightness which is the only one that works for me.


I will have to try the lotion from Jordan essentials for muscle tightness in my neck and shoulders.