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Atlas profilax


Hi has anyone tried atlas profilax I have been suffering vertigo 24/7 for 2 years. I would like to know any feedbacks thanks


I have heard of it but haven’t tried it.


Never, I have always been interested however the body is quite amazing and can do great things to heal itself. Is that picture of you?


Yes that it’s me are u suffering from vertigo?


For how long have u been like that?


About 5 months now, how about you?


Atlas adjustment can help with pinched nerve and numbness and tingling in hands and legs.But both the cerebellum and vestibular organs are above the neck so it cannot help with dizziness is my opinion. One thing I did find is sub occipital tension is there due to migraines. A good chiropractor can help with this. Sometimes the sub occipital trigger points if sore can trigger migraine on their own.

I was told if SCM is too tight can cause dizziness and so can TMJ but I doubt that chronic dizziness and migraine can stem from thsee conditions


I have been suffering from persistent dizziness for two years, If i would like to add me on whatssap we can chat and I can tell u the things I have done to get better, i would like to create a whatssap group with people dealing with constant dizziness my number is 0425223474


Sorry +61 425223474 Jesus David


I agree. IMHO inner ear most likely source, especially if you have any other telltale signs like tinnitus, ear pressure let alone hearing loss!