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Atlas correction


Sorry, I get it. Ok, before the AO Chiro, my neck was very stiff and hardly moved at all. It made not a lot of sound because it was all one unit. AFTER the initial visit and for the first month, then I heard all sorts of clicking, grinding and popping when I laid down or just moved my head funny. My neck was starting to loosen up and all the bones were able to start moving again. All my muscles were hypertonic (stiff) so it took a long time (think regular visits over weeks and months) and some exercises to get everything to accept the new, correct positioning of the bones. The CSF thing was a hot, pulsing, whooshing sort of an affair. It would happen in the first few minutes after the adjustment. That only happened a couple of times, but it made me dizzy for a while (minutes).

Grinding is your bones moving about. Mine were locked into place and then took a while to find and hold a more natural, correct position. I’ve had 4 major car wrecks and a lot of arthritis. Still, four months later, I can’t say I regret the treatment. I go in once or twice a month now for adjustment.


Ok thank you so much for responding , I really appreciate it

Did you hear the clicking and popping (near your atlas area) when you lay down on your side , like not even moving your neck ? Lol that’s what’s happening to me

Also did the clicking and popping sounds ever go away ? Because mine have been going on for two months now after I stopped going


Yes, I heard clicking and popping when I laid down for a long time. It was after many sessions and a lot of neck exercises that things started to calm down. Bones still pop occasionally, but that’s true for my entire anatomy.


Did the clicking and popping and grinding happen to you when you lay down in certain positions ? Lol I’m sorry for asking so many similar questions , did the clicking or popping also happen near your atlas ( upper cervical )

And anyways once the clicking and popping started happening , didn’t you worry what is was ? Like did you ask the chiro what it was? If so , what did he say



How would you describe a coat hanger migraine? I’m just curious to see if it matches some of my pain areas.


Super stiff shoulders, neck and back of the head causing migraines.


@flutters I’ve been getting them a lot lately. I think I’ve had one the past 4 days. The headache part usually lasts 2 days straight then comes and goes. I also get awful visual vertigo and eye pain during it. My neck muscles have been stiff for the almost 7 years that I’ve had this condition though. Could be all muscle related for me.