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Article: "Five Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Chronic Illness"


Good article:
“Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness”


Brilliant article you found there. Certainly takes one to recognise the pitfalls as you might say. Trouble is. I wonder how many people realise MAV - and indeed classic migraine - is a ‘chronic’ illness. Medics never mention it or at least none ever have told me. Helen


Buzzzz!! That’s incorrect and quite negative. A ‘chronic’ illness is one that lasts a long time (eg > 3 months) but may go away. What an utterly negative way to kick off an article.

There are several board members who have gone into remission.

Remain positive people!


And some of us who’ve had MAV 20+ years and have no expectations of a cure. Acceptance is not negative.

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Of course it isn’t. Doesn’t make the article’s definition of ‘chronic’ any less wrong.


MAV is chronic in the definition of the article.


What does that even mean?! A single article does not change a word’s meaning!

So you want people to believe they will never get better?


One dictionary definition I checked says, persisting for a long time, or constantly recurring. No mention of never going away so maybe that was journalistic licence/bit of sensationalism. I always think of ‘chronic’ more in terms of causing severe symptoms over prolonged periods of time and stemming from something which is in essence incurable rather than permanent. To use the term ‘into remission’in itself infers eventual return of something not currently visible but likely to recur. Helen.

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Great article! I really relate to the everyone offers you advice. I’ve had so many people say just do this or that. I wish it was that simple.


Same here. I have a friend who said, “Oh, I got vertigo once and I went to the doctor and they did the Epley maneuver on me and that fixed it.” Then when I told her that what I have can’t be fixed by the Epley maneuver, she just gave me a puzzled look.


Lovely post Anna

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I definitely agree with this one too. I wish i’d known to tune out this advice, and to not listen to other people and let their opinions make me feel bad. I think it’s really important with migraine to find your own way, because it’s so individual, rather than believing that what everyone else is recommending is the way to treat yourself.