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Are ear plugs helping anyone?


Something tells me that PLFs must be many orders of magnitude more likely than SSCD.

The latter is congenital or due to significant trauma whereas developing a PLF requires relatively little trauma.

SSCD surgery is super invasive. You’d want several opinions before going down that road. I wonder if anyone has been misdiagnosed?!


Even though SCD repair is invasive, at least the success rate is 100%.


Except you are left with some degree of disability? This guy can no longer run. But then who knows the long-term outcome.


My symptoms (oscillopsia and disequillibrium ) today are again much reduced after avoiding all soundsWackym_Dehiscence_Syndrome_2015_HR.pdf (1.9 MB)


Have you had a CT Gracy?


I had at least 3 CTs to rule out SSCD. Had 3 MRIs (1 with Gadolinium). There is nothing that is going to kill me, but disabled for life.


Don’t think that way. Low salt diet. Let it heal. Plenty of accounts of recovery but can take years. Hain maintains 90% of fistulas heal. Perhaps more if you wait a little longer. Hydrops could be a factor in slowing healing down. And you have to reduce the Hydrops to be free. Remove triggers and salt from diet. Have you noticed no improvement or changes during those 4 years?


Don’t you run the risk of tinnitus with ear plugs?


I wish I just ran the risk! That would be nice! I have tinnitus 24/7 and I’m unfortunately very much not alone it would appear:


Sorry to clarify, don’t earplugs risk it making it worse or keep it bad? I have congested ears what seems to be 24/7 and buzzing mostly and ringing on and off. I kind of wish I could wear them in stores/in cars/etc. but I want to make sure I’m alert so I don’t crash/bump into someone. I’d wear them at home but it seems when I take them off they make the dizziness worse (and it’s hard to have them in even barely in when doing calls or talking with my roommate).

I’ve tried ‘noise-cancelling headphones’ (older kind someone gave me) and a newer type (not really noise-cancelling) but either way the tight grabbing feeling on the ears throws me off.


Hmm, I’ve never heard that earplugs would make tinnitus worse.

And there is one type of earplug that is supposed to help balance the pressure for flying:

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Hmm, I just found this, made by the same company:

“Introducing MigraineX™, a complete, proactive way to manage weather-related migraines, before they start.”

“MigraineX™ helps you manage your migraines, by slowing the shift of atmospheric pressure changes.”

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I was addicted to earplugs for sleep to the point where I couldn’t sleep at all without them. A doctor told me that wearing ear plugs for anything beyond the use of avoiding very loud noises can cause ear blockage and tinnitus (both things that I’ve had since that I don’t think I’ve had before though I’ve had sinusitis and head congestion/dizziness before I was using ear plugs so think that’s unrelated). Ear plugs seem to help my dizziness a little but I’d like to avoid having over-sensitivity to noise (as already have that with my migraines and working on being calmer around loud noises) or other conditions. Below is from The British Tinnitus Association:

"Ear protection should not be used if ordinary, everyday sounds are uncomfortable (this may be hyperacusis or oversensitivity to sound). If earplugs are worn for blocking out such sounds, it can actually make hyperacusis worse.

Hyperacusis is an increased sensitivity to sound. If you find that everyday or ordinary sounds are uncomfortable, you may have hyperacusis. Whilst it might seem natural to want to block out as much sound as possible, avoiding sound can actually make hyperacusis worse. Talk to your GP about this and ask for a referral to either an ENT Surgeon or Audiovestibular Physician who will be able to suggest management options – often, using sound (in a very controlled way) can improve hyperacusis."


Hyoercausis is a sign of SSCD & perilymph fistula I think. So, please don’t depend on ear plugs. Have further investigation.


You can get hyperacusis with any hearing loss or distortion. I believe my hyperacusis comes from the hydrops which can follow a fistula once it has started to heal. I didn’t get any hearing loss or distortion with my fistula initially until the ‘MAV’/hydrops phase hit.


James, I thought Audiology clinic has some kind of device to help with the tinnitus


Just to clarify, the MigraineX earplugs that I linked in my post above are not designed to block out sound. I believe they let sound in. I think they are designed to help balance pressure differences within the ear.


I think it balance ear pressure, it doesn’t cancel noise. Hope all of you had ruled out SSCD & PERILYMPH FISTULA.


I tried custom made ear plugs and I found the pressure sometimes made my symptoms worse.

I purchased a pair of high-end, comfortable ear defenders (earmuffs) from amazon and they seem to help when I take the bus, etc. They are also great for the gym

Decent pairs cost about $40 or so.


That’s a tough ask. There are tests you can have that are grounds for surgery for further exploration but afaia there is still no accurate objective test for fistulae. Even after patching it’s impossible to prove if you had one.

Because of my ear trauma, my MAV was separately diagnosed as Secondary Hydrops after PLF.

I’ve had fluid sensations in my ear since the trauma and this has taken over 3.5 years to abate (far longer than Hain says they take to heal btw) spontaneously. So glad I never went for surgery and as per Hain mine seems to have healed without intervention (thank you Hain!!!)

I suspect a substantial number of PLF’s end up healed and you are left with Hydrops which causes most of the vertigo, residual hearing loss, tinnitus and odd vestibular crud.

The whole disturbance could also, theoretically give you ETD due to all the blood and goo (the injury could cause an increase in mucosa in your middle ear due to the inflammation) which builds up in your middle ear and Eustachian tube and you end up with a real mess, leading to all the MAV like symptoms.