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Appointment with Dr Surenthiran


What does doctor S say about beer?


Hi would you be able to tell me what you did for VRT? I’d like to see if I can find something similar here in Canada :slight_smile:



it’s been six weeks since I saw dr. Surenthiran. was pregablin 25mgs increasing dose and all diet restrictions. Have been doing much better…not as dizzy and have been feeling more like myself. However the last two days my brain feels foggy again and dizziness is creeping back again. Really get low when this happens even though I know it’s not gonna be smooth sailing… Just hope it settles again over the next few days. have a really important presentation at work this Friday so need to be OK for that! Find it hard to stay positive, don’t like annoying family about it all the time as they in Ireland and just worry.

Anyway so fingers crossed. Hope you are all well


I found this post after seeing a reference to it in another old discussion thread. WOW, this is great information. If @Jem is still on these forums, THANK YOU for posting it. Dr. S sounds fantastic and the analogies really help explain VM and how the brain gets “overloaded” in someone who has VM. I hope he was able to help you!


Hi Jem, I just came across your post and have been to see Dr S. I have the same diagnosis. Just wondering how you are getting on these days? Just looking for some hope really! X