The Vestibular Migraine Community

Anyone want to do a FB Group?


Does anyone want to create a Facebook Private or public group page? I just see it being easier as if someone posts we could get notifications and stay in a lot easier touch. It’s just difficult because sometimes I feel like I’m on an island with this diagnosis. It’s easier to have people that can relate to your every weird symptom. Just a thought, let me know if your interested, pass the info around, and I’ll create it if enough people would like this idea! :relaxed:


There are a few really great facebook groups already that you could join Vestibular Hope, Vestibular Migraine Professional, Vestibular Migraine Community, Vestibular Migraine Positive Living. They have all been amazing for me!!


Awesome! Thanks so much!


The problem with FB for some is that it lacks privacy and anonimity.

FB can let everyone know you are a member of that group. I just don’t trust them for health related discussions.