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Anyone try Magnesium threonate, malate, orotate, and taurate or w/ boron?


I’m still trying to find something to help with my dizziness and fatigue. Magnesium in general seems to help a little with fatigue but either way I take it as everyone seems to say take it for migraines.

I found the below site that says the best magneisum is threonate and the best way to take magneisum is through something called Wake Up Maggie which is magneisum malate, orotate, and taurate w/ boron for absorption and good for energy.

I can’t see anything on this forum about any of the above and I’ve already tried Aspartate/Citrate/Oxide/Glycinate/Lysinate Chelated including the High Absorption Magnesium Doctors Best brand and probably others so I feel like the boron shouldn’t matter since I’ve already tried a high absorbing type and I feel like since I’ve tried so many types probably not worth bothering but curious if anyone has tried any of the above or thinks it’s worth bothering?


I’ve messed around a lot with magnesium over the last couple years. I’ve tried a topical spray, orotate, malate, oxide, citrate, glycinate, bicarbonate water, pumpkin seeds, buckwheat, etc…

I definitely think its worth taking, helps like 5% maybe for me. Right now I just take citrate to help with constipation due to Verapamil. There are lots of fancy forms of magnesium, I wouldn’t waste your money. Even a healthy diet will have a fair amount of magnesium. I’ve tried most magnesium supplements and can’t notice much difference between them.

The best I think are glycinate or citrate, or topical if you are worried about your digestion blocking some of the magnesium. If you are interested in topical, you can just make some using cheap vodka and magnesium salt flakes. It’s called Mag-o-hol, you can google it I think.

Oh and whatever you do, don’t buy that magnesium topical oil, think its called Ancient Minerals or something like that, it itches like crazy. Awful! The Mago-o-hol doesn’t itch one bit.