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Anyone read "Fighting The Migraine Epidemic" by Angela A Stanton?


this is a good point: is taking an antidepressant, for example, irreversible? Anyone read anything on that?


Anecdotes and just enough biochemical theory to be dangerous, but not enough to hang my hat on. I could ask my sister the hot mess how she’s doing several months post SSRI. Neither one of us are particularly good breeding stock genetically speaking (sorry son). I’m MAV. She’s not (thank God). She had huge trouble on the SSRI, more trouble getting off and still has issues, but it’s hard to tell from the outside what caused what.


I don’t think so. If antidepressants were irreversible, then in theory someone who is depressed would only need to take the drug for so long and then they’d be “cured” for the rest of their life.


Good point Anna. I’ll stick with that thought!


Stanton is a Phd doc and not a medical doc. There is a lot of research which says people with bad cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are prone to migraine. Stanton believes migraine is a metabolic disease which might have some truth to it. Metabolic syndrome is a multifaceted clinical entity in which genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors are involved. Interactions between components of faulty life style such as consumption of excessive sugar and high calorie diet and inadequate exercise are important in MetS. Insulin resistance plays a central role in a series of metabolic disorders.

Her protocol believes in salt overdose and i am surprised Emily saw positive change with salt overloading. This will NOT work for folks who have some degree of hydrops.

Also Keto diet needs like 26% carbs , medium amount of protein and excessive good fat. Not sure i can sustain this kind of diet. Also she says not to do the keto when on meds. I don’t think i am there yet to give up my meds and go all diet. Again everyone’s mileage does vary.


I don’t think I can go on a very low carb diet, is too much. This condition is already stressful enough


i love the low carb diets, although you can mix it up. for example i eat low carbs until the evening then i have normal carbs with dinner. i have loads more energy in the day if i do that. i don’t know if it helps my MAv symptoms. i’ll try to track it. it definitely helps my metabolism though. i have grizzly bear genes i can put on 5 pounds in a day if i eat a lot, but i can go for a long time without food (which i guess means i must be in Keto state). Dr Atkins must be loving all this chat.

i eat normal to high salt. doesn’t seem to have any effect for me.


PS the reason i eat low carbs with dinner is because if i go low carb all day i can’t sleep, i get hyper.


That’s the approach suggested by It looks like an excellent approach for insomnia.

I have to stay pretty much full keto to see benefits, but then I’m insulin resistant and have PCOS. We’re hard cases.


Hey everyone, how much salt does she say we need to take a day?


I’m also on a med trial and should be done with it in 9 weeks and have been on it for over 4 months and given it seems Stanton recommends not doing her diet while on a med trial, but I don’t think eating a bunch more salt would be harmful. I already eat a lot of salt and tried the ‘migraine miracle’ keto diet for about a month as he recommends and that made me feel quite bad (he recommended under 50mg of carbs for 2weeks and then under 100mg of carbs for some time after that).


Insomnia is a frequent keto issue, often in the first month.


If you don’t balance electrolytes, keto is a bear. And, the first couple weeks are hard. Your body has to do some impressive shifting around to use an alternative fuel source. It’s took me a few tries before it stuck.


6% carbs

You give up meds slowly as you no longer need them, not the other way around.