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Anyone lose consciousness?


New member. Has anyone suffering from VM lost consciousness? I was talking with my wife a couple months ago and in mid-sentence collapsed and suffered a seven inch gash on my skull. I probably was “out” for a fraction of a second and did not have vertigo symptoms. My trauma surgeon closed the wound with 20 staples. Fortunately, I heal quickly and all that is left is a thin scar line.

I’ve had tinnitus since 1996. I have hearing loss in my left ear along with a sense of fullness. I’ve been tested by an ENT at UTSW in Dallas and do not have Meniere’s. All is fine until I experienced the mother of all vertigo attacks in 2006. The ceiling could have been the floor it was so bad. I crawled into bed and rested for 24 hours. I had another vertigo episode six weeks later. Same thing. Then nothing really serious happens until 2016 - a couple minor vertigo episodes per year, but nothing serious.

Fast forward to the fall of 2016 and the vertigo is increasing in severity and frequency. I have a great Neurologist that has diagnosed me with VM. I’ve completed MRIs and MRAs and a three-day EEG that rules out epilepsy. I have an appointment with him tomorrow and expect to begin prophylactic treatment.

Anyone with VM ever lose consciousness?


Hello Dizzy guy yes I used to faint quite often as I have postural hypotension with VM. I am not sure if it is part of VM but my neurologist picked up on it and said that I have every single symptom possible. I am so used to it I didn’t ask if fainting was part and parcel of this infuriating disease but I have been seen by a cardiologist and they didn’t explain the fainting so I am guessing it is.