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Anyone here treated at Salford Royal?


This is a long shot but is there anyone here treated for VM at Salford Royal in the UK? I have seen people say its a brilliant hospital and considered one of the best but can’t find any info about the consultant team i will be seeing. I have seen good reports about other consultants like Dr Zermansky but none about who i am seeing. I am due to see “Dr M Iqbal’s team” next month. Anyone else? I am both extremely hopeful and yet dreading it in case the consultant is unhelpful.


You are lucky. You got an appointment. If it’s NHS there’s nothing to lose y just going along and finding out. Think positive. Consultant may be great. I’m quite envious. I’ve been trying to get reply to email I sent to one I saw all weeks without success, and I’m private. Must admit though not keen on this ‘Team” structure but when I found same structure at the Eye Hospital, the team turned out to be a very pleasant well-informed lady I spent several hour-long appointments with and I got more from her than I did from the eventual 10 minutes or so with the esteemed consultant I signed up for. So it works out OK ` in the end that time on the NHS. Helen


Thanks Helen. I was referred in june but there’s an 18 week waiting time. I was referred last year in October but they diagnoses me after an nri without seeing me in person. They just gave recommendation for treatment to my doxtor. She did all she could so i got referred back again. It’s the first time I’ll ve seeing a consultant so i’ve no idea who it will be exactly or if they are understanding. I always worry about medical professionals after my experience being misdiagnosed by GPs for 6 years. In that time i met some really abrupt, unhelpful doctors. I’ve been pooh-poohed before even when it eventually turned out i was right. Considering how long we have to wait for appointments and how long i have been suffering, i don’t want it to be wasted by a consultant who doesn’t know how to help me or doesn’t appreciate how bad i am. I have concerns i want them to listen to, and i would really like some blood tests done to check autoimmune issues, inflammation or deficiencies and i admit, i am worried they will pooh-pooh it and not want to run the tests. If you have a legitimate concern they should run them, it’s not ridiculously hard or expensive, but too often the nhs is more concerned with saving money than treating the patient both physically and mentally. I just hope they will help me get what i need.