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Anyone has experience with baclofen or Carisoprodol


Has anyone any experience with these drugs? I have disabling crippling dizziness which responds to benzos and benzo type drugs(like barbiturates). These drugs have a somewhat benzo like action. I wonder if they can help me.


Update: I used baclofen a few number of times. It was not effective.


Sorry to hear that @methanol but thanks for the update.

Have you failed all the usually recommended MAV medications? e.g. Antidepressants, Beta/Calcium Blockers or Anticonvulsants?


Yes antidepressants do not work on my dizziness( but they generally don’t make it any worse either).
I am trying the beta blocker metoprolol currently (it made the dizziness worse initially but im trying to stick with it)
The things which consistently work are the benzodiazepines.
Have not tried any calcium channel blockers or anticonvulsants.
I do not have migraine just crippling dizziness.