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Anyone feel/felt constant unsteadiness dizzy feeling 24/7?


I am 28 weeks pregnant and experiencing this and it is super scary. I am waiting to see a neuro. Was taken off all my migraine meds when I found out i was pregnant. Symptoms just started back up with a vengeance. If you experienced this what did you take for it and how long did it take for it to go away?


Yup I did and if I don’t take my supplements, I still do. But the good news is that I have been almost 100% cured by this simple routine: 1) 400-800mg of magnesium glycinate a day (at least 400mg) - I use Drs Best or KAL brand of it. 2) at least 300mg of CoQ10 in its absorbable type (Kaneka brand is what I use - they have it cheaper at Trader Joes than Whole Foods). I have been taking 400mg as insurance for that - but I may try to cut lower to see if it’s still fine at a lower dose.

Turns out that these two things together are my magic solution to vestibular migraine and it feels so miraculous I cannot believe it - coffee makes things a bit worse but overall I am back to almost normal. It took three years to get here. I know how traumatic MAV is but I feel completely fine when I take this stuff. I am not taking any other supplements or modifying my diet except avoiding artificial sweeteners, gluten (since it’s inflammatory), MSG in its many hidden forms, and too much caffeine.

I seem fine eating nuts and cheese even if I take CoQ10 and magnesium. Give it a try! There’s nothing to lose. xx

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Going to discuss your findings with my Neuro next week!


I have pretty much 24/7 unsteadiness/lightheadedness. I can’t offer too much that hasn’t been said already though, as I haven’t found a solution for this yet. I do something similar to @liv85 with the supplements, but they haven’t worked for me too well yet. Magnesium seemed to help a little bit, but the last few weeks have been worse for me so it’s not there yet. I need to try a different CoQ10 or a higher dose of it I think. Good luck to you!


I’ve got bad balance and bad vertigo 24/7


EFeverfew is also helpful aside from the meds I suggested but sometimes medicine is necessary… Have you seen a neurologist? Dr Weils website for migraine has a list of the supplements I use. I feel for you… I know how it is. I have far less problems with balance now three years after getting Mav and starting the supplements. But If I eat too many high tyramine foods I get a wicked migraine … Feverfew helps. Liv


Thanks for the tips Liv I will look into this and check with my OB and see if this improves anything I am needing some relief right away. I did see a new neurologist recently he said that he didn’t think this was MAV unfortunately but I have been diagnosed by 3 other doctors with this soooo I dont think he is the right guy to be seeing. Thanks for your tips though and I am glad that you are feeling good. How long did it take for you to see results?


Pretty immediately! The only supplements I’m on right now are feverfew (GNC brand - standardized) and magnesium glycinate (KAL brand) . 2x of the feverfew capsules per day and 2x the 400mg dose of mag glycinate spaced out. I am hoping to try to for a baby later this year with my fiancé and need to find out whether or not feverfew can be taken since it helps me so much. Otherwise I think it will be a miserable 9 months. How are you doing with the pregnancy - you were expecting right? Any tips would be most appreciated. I hope you’re feeling very well! Are you on anything right now? I think diagnoses are very random with this illness from anxiety to migraine to other things. It’s definitely related to migraine though because when I eat tons of high tyramine foods I get worse symptoms and these migraine supplements help me a ton. L xx


I did pretty good through most of my pregnancy but been feeling constantly off balance since third trimeseter it has been really rough :frowning: Unfortunately the only tips i have is to rest and have lots of support


Hi NAUGirl, I think one thing that you should feel super happy and calm about is that your baby is having the healthiest pregnancy ever since you’re not taking any meds or sups that might be dangerous. :slight_smile: Your very lucky to be having a baby…I hope that I can have one soon! I realize that it must be very stressful but I think that if you try the combo I suggested during the rest of your pregnancy if your Oby-Gyn approves feverfew (some folk medicine said it could cause contractions but this might unfounded concern) and magnesium give it a try - the brands and doses I mentioned have been like magic for me. Literally cured me. I just have to figure out whether it’s OK for pregnancy…Sending love and support your way! xxx


Hi liv85. I’ve been suffering with MAV for almost two years. I’m currently taking 3 different meds as treatment, but they are not working. Were you taking any prescription drugs before/while taking supplements? I can’t bear going off my meds completely, but I’m willing to give the supplements a try, I’m just afraid to mix them with the prescription drugs.


Hey Jennifer, Hang in there. I just posted about feverfew, magnesium being my key to recovery - the the post just before this one. I take 380mg of feverfew (GNC brand) 2x a day with 400mg KAL brand magnesium glycinate (sold at Whole Foods) daily and can function at work etc. just fine. I’m trying to have a baby sometime soon so I am confronting the possibility that I’ll have to go off the feverfew at least. I may then see whether CoQ10 and Magnesium coupled with a more strict migraine diet (low tyramine) can help. I have found that dark chocolate and other high tyramine foods really trigger my symptoms. I was on meds for a while too and had a hard time letting go of them but felt much better when I found supplements that worked even better than the drugs. Liv xx