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Any unilateral or bilateral vestibular sufferers here


Thank you Helen, always grateful for your input! There are several reasons why I question this ENT, the visit with the actual ENT Dr was less than satisfying, however the Audiologist who performed the VNG and Caloric tests was wonderful. The follow ups with the ENT nurses three times, they simply told me to do the epleys… which is crazy to me when there is nerve damage! Anyway, I also wanted to ask you and James @turnitaround if you have any knowledge about the difference between MDs and DOs. My mother in law swears that the DOs are less qualified and never having seen one until my ENT (who I obviously was underwhelmed by) I did not know there was a difference at all.
Thank you again!


Not wishing to detract from Dr Goebel’s abilities and expertise in any way. I know nothing whatsoever about him not even his speciality but I wouldn’t want you to come away disappointed just in case, as is very possible with vestibular issues, there may not be a ‘definite answer to the various issues’. I’ve never had a definite diagnosis, just two (different consultants). (a) ’ ‘probable migraine associated vertigo’ and (b) ‘the episodes are all probably migraine equivalent’. Hasn’t held me back. Even if there’s nothing ‘definite’, It won’t stop him helping you or you recovering. It’s just that often it’s not as clear cut as that.

Sorry, I’ve no idea what you mean by a ‘DO’. Helen


Thank you Helen!
D.O. here in the states is Dr of Osteopathy and of course MD is Medical Doctor.
I can find little difference online other than the degree… and most MDs think DOs are inferior and I am sure visa-versa!
I don’t think D.O.s are licensed to practice outside of the US.


In the U.S. today, an MD and a DO are equivalent. They take the same board examinations, etc.

Doctors of Osteopathy in the U.S. also get some training in spinal adjustment, like what chiropractors do.

I don’t believe they are equivalent in other countries. Many years ago they weren’t equivalent in the U.S. either and I think DOs were considered to be more like chiropractors.

But today they are just as qualified as MDs in the U.S.