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Any success with Vitamin B-12 anyone?


Vitamin D did much the same for me so I stopped it. I’d carefully titrated up, been on full dose a few days, GP said it was pure coincidence, and I said ‘Poppycock’! Personally I think people need to be tested for deficiency before pumping full of such things. It would be interesting to find a medical expert who could explain these reactions though. Guess the MAV experts might put it down to migraine hypersensitivity to … anything or everything, or sensitjve brain not appreciating change maybe. Helen


Very true that. I think Dr Sarah Myhill is such an expert.


To combine Myhill and Surenthiran would be a wonderful thing.


Sorry. What have I missed? Who is Dr Sarah Myhill please? Helen


Hi Helen,
Sorry for tardy reply. I’ve been abroad.
Dr Sarah Myhill is an ex GP with a specialist interest in chronic fatigue, which for me links into MAV and the like. Her stuff is all over YouTube. It’e not directly relevant to a site like this but I think it’s linked in a holistic way, and that is her field.

I have posted MY STORY in PERSONAL DIARIES… Or at least I think I have. Would you be very kind and check please that I’ve actually posted it? Thanks in advance.
Anthony and best wishes for 2019.