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I have needed three months of Nortriptyline about every 10 - 14 months for the last 6 years. I always fall apart in the hot summer months but I am excited to see if I do better this next summer. I always blamed the problems on the heat and menopausal changes) but I was also eating strawberries, lots of tomatoes (my husband grows them), potatoes, spinach and not drinking enough water (I thought I was but now know I need about 70 ounces a day). I also now stay away from brewed decaf most of the time. It can have too much caffeine for me so I only drink Mount Hagen Instant Organic decaffeinated coffee. It is CO2 processed and I have no problems with it. Exercise in the summer is also an issue so I may have to reduce that. I hope it is just the histamine loaded food and adding more water… We’ll see. Personal research is certainly the name of the game for us. Now that I have eliminated or greatly reduced histamine foods, I only take Allegra (which reduces my ear fullness) every 10 to 12 days. I was taking it every 4 days so this is definitely an improvement that is measurable. (


May I ask how you’ve controlled your symptoms and handled this for so long? I’m going on my 11th year, and I’m about to be 40. I worry all the time what this will look like as I get older. :confused:


I had my first serious episode (emergency room by ambulance) 6 and 1/2 years ago and I am finally in control. It takes around 3 years to wrap your head around all the changes you need to make. I have described everything at my blog if you have time. I am on the migraine diet (mainly the 6 C’s), low histamine, trigger awareness and I take Nortriptyline every 10-14 months (3 month course) as needed. I am having a challenge from the series of storms that have been coming to California but no serious fall-outs yet. There are many good topics at the mvertigo site if you scroll through. (


Margaret, I have put my story down in the category ‘information vault’ - ‘alternative treatments’, as it’s quite long and I seem to be repeating myself. I have chosen to pursue a more natural route for many reasons - one being that I tend to react quite strangely to even ‘mild’ drugs across the board (not related to my MAv). I TRY to work on prevention being better than cure, wherever possible. Certainly getting older throws all kinds of things at one …so better to just try and maintain a reasonably healthy lifestyle, as it seems that every stupid little thing you did when you were young comes back to haunt you later!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: May be too little too late for me, but ya gotta start some time :slight_smile: If you’ve made it through 11 years already - you can do it!


Thank you mazzy, that is a great read as I am all for homeopathic treatments, as is my new neurologist. She recommended that I take whatever I can find to help me so I will go armed with your list tomorrow!!!

I am lucky that nortriptyline keeps me on my feet quite literally as without it I need a walking stick to keep me upright. It is like a miracle drug! I would rather not have to rely on it but for now it is helping big time.

Hopefully if I add in your recommendations I will be able to walk normally without it, that would be good.


Good luck! I hope something helps for you!


Thank you! I love new places to find information and help! I’ll check it out! Thx!! :slight_smile: