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So I took a low dose for 10 days of Amitriptyline to try to control my VM driving my MDDS I felt awful was way more dizzy and stopped after 12 days. Then came severe arithmia went to cardiologist who prescribed Flecainide and I ended up I. The ER twice second time 911 was admitted for 3 days out in a beta blocker to lower crazy heartbeat and sent home. Dumped Beta blocker went back to normal
Amitriptyline cost me 5,000 dollars and I could have gone unconscious in my car with my child from the Flecainide thanks Amitriptyline


Amitriptyline is usually well tolerated. Sorry you had such a tough time with it.

Probably inadvisable to drive when taking a new drug until you are confident of the effect it has on you. Plan ahead and around it.


Poison for me. Don’t have the luxury to sit home for 12 days the fallout came AFTER I stopped it
5k in Doctor bills not prescription really ?


Ah, my bad … that’s rubbish luck.

US healthcare is bonkers … poor you …we are so lucky in the UK to have the NHS … it’s on its last legs but I’m sure people would be happy to pay a little more tax to avoid that kind of sting!