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All the things/drugs/supplements/protocols I've tried


See below. Thanks all!

EU approval for the new drug, 'Erenumab' (Aimovig)

How many MAV drugs have you failed? Forgive me if I missed it but have you tried Amitriptyline?


Below is a list of my current meds/diet and protocols I’ve tried and then at the end are the MAV drugs I’ve tried including Ami:

List of Current Medications

  • Aimovig: 70mg shot/month; been on 2 months and increasing to 140 for 4 mos (if that doesn’t work then botox for 6 mos then try mixing meds)
  • Lamictal: one 200mg pill, PM
  • Risperdal: one .25 mg, PM
  • DDAVP: one .5 mg pill, AM and one 1mg pill, PM
  • Vitamin D3: one drop or 2,000 IU, AM
  • Vitamin B2: four 100mg tablets, AM
  • Magnesium: 500mg tablet, AM
  • L-tyrosine: 500mg 1-3x, AM/PM as needed for energy, doesn’t help too much
  • B12: 500-1500mg, as needed for energy, doesn’t help too much
  • American ginseng, doesn’t help too much
  • L-tyrosine: 500mg 1-3x, AM/PM as needed for energy

Also, as of 5/25/17, I have been on the below migraine diet as best to my ability. I have not noticed significant changes (maybe I’ve been able to work a bit more and maybe I get dizzier when I go off the diet a little or when I eat certain foods like just olive oil or cheese or MSG foods, but the dizziness still remains and is still debilitating with occasional very bad episodes even with the diet changes):

I have also avoided the following potential sources of MSG to best of my ability as part of the diet:

Breakfast: cup of fat milk, almost ½ cup chia seeds, tbl ginger, ½ cup quick oats (cold; all the previous items seem to help with energy); apple

Lunch: 2-3 carrots, ½ cup chia seeds, some quick oats, 1.75 cups of black beans, some turkey

Snack: part of lunch or some milk and oats/chia seeds (sometimes with some cherrios)

Dinner: ½ cup chia seeds and some quick oats, 1.75 cups of black beans, some turkey, cup or two of spinach

Snack: part of dinner or some milk and oats/chia (sometimes with some cherrios)


  • Current:
    • Syntonics
      • For my dizziness post-concussion
      • One evaluation finished. Prescribed five times a week home phototherapy exercises (started 3/26/18) with progress evaluations
    • Neurologist Dr. Suzanne Maska
      • Believes Botox is the next approach for dizziness if Nortriptyline fails to treat dizziness
      • I keep a daily migraine diary at my discretion to assess success of Nortriptyline and any change in triggers
    • “Upright Pro” to improve posture
    • Alexander Technique consulation from Elyse Shafarman this week
    • May also be in a migraine drug trial for CGRP drug BHV 3000 (rimegepant) 75mg oral tablet daily as needed &/or potentially a trial with Dr. Baloh at UCLA/Mayo of 3 doses of Rizatriptan 10mg as needed when having a day where dizziness goes up
    • Acupuncture/Chinese herbs
      • Donald Hughes, LAc
      • Has said he’s helped multiple people with migraine dizziness
  • Past protocols (there’s been more likely) & results (if any):
    • Biofeedback Dr. Erik Peper
      • Has Nick doing daily 10 minutes of breathing with 5lb weight on diaphragm as well as other exercises to decrease hyperventilation.
        • Started late January 2018
      • Also had Nick using an “Upright Pro” to improve posture.
      • And trying Meir Schneider’s “Vision for Life” exercises
    • Cefaly
      • Free 60-day trial is almost up with no results
    • Vision therapy
      • For my dizziness post-concussion
      • Completed sixteen visual therapy sessions at the Binocular Vision Lab at the UC-Berkeley Eye Center as well as two follow-ups to see if tints helped
        • Blue lens tints helped a little with dizziness/eye fatigue but made nausea much worse it seemed. Will try again in March.
    • Prisms prescribed are better on then off for dizziness and seem to reduce the frequency and length of bad dizziness episodes
    • Vestibular therapist Daniel Topolski, Alta Bates Herrick
      • Did soft tissue work/cranial sacral/cervical work/gentle neurotension/vestibular visual ocular motor tracking with advanced gaze stabilization exercises per day
    • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 8-week program
      • Results: I’ve been a little less anxious/stressed/negative and less ineffective thoughts
    • Neuropsychologist phone conversation but didn’t believe could help
    • Physical therapy/cranial sacral/stretching exercises, including the use of a foam roller and armbands
      • Assigned by Ellen de Neef PT, OCS (who also specializes in manual therapy and hand rehabilitation), at the Physical Therapy unit in UC-Berkeley Student Health Tang Center
      • May discontinue as was doing daily for years and only moderated the pain slightly
    • The Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI) Method
      • Several visits and more than a month of in-home exercises
    • Acupuncture
    • Acupressure
    • Cupping
    • Electrical stimulation/TENS unit
      • Momentarily reduces pain but pain returns when it’s off or pain moves to a different part of the spine
    • Chinese herbal medicine
    • Western herbal medicine/wildcrafting/constitutional medicine/holistic medicine
    • Nutritional counseling
      • My own research into nutrition has helped with fatigue
    • Allergist and allergy/mold testing
    • Neurologists and MRI (2012 and 2017)/CT scan (2013)/EEG/EKG/Chest x-ray (2015)/full pulmonary labs (2015)/ultrasound testing (2013)
    • ENTs and their testing (2013, 2015)
    • Reiki
    • Chiropractors including Network, NUCCA Atlas/Orthogonal, Diversified, Functional Endocrinology, TBM, Activator and I believe also did NET, RPR, Brain Function and Enhancement, PNT, Zone technique and Concept Therapy, Impulse IQ, CBP, Extremities, and Laser
    • Orthotics
      • Help a bit with pain
    • Psychiatrists including The PsyPredictor
    • Therapists including CBT, DBT, and somatic
      • Helped reduce anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression
    • Ayurvedic
    • Tai Chi
      • 7 class sessions
    • Yoga including movement yoga and yoga catered to individuals with concussion history
    • Tapping/Bio-Meridians
    • Neurofeedback/LENS/neurophysiology
      • One session but doctor believed the lack of a positive reaction means it isn’t worth pursuing
    • Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques
    • Pain Management with epidurals and X-ray frequency ablation procedures
      • In 2014 pain management doctor and neurologist Timothy Lo noted “Diffuse myofascial pain in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar paraspinal muscles of unclear etiology”
    • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS); 30 treatments
      • Reduced amount of suicidal ideation by 95% and reduced depression somewhat
    • TENS units; pain patches
      • Help some with pain but I’m able to ignore pain so rather not deal with units or patches if it doesn’t help dizziness or fatigue
    • Psychedelic drugs
    • Medicinal marijuana (high CBD and pure CBD, tinctures, edibles, plants)
    • Infectious Disease and gastroenterologists with colonoscopies and endoscopies
    • Blood, urine, and feces testing for allergies, hormonal, and other tests including Lyme’s
    • Rheumatologist
    • Immunologist/biochemist
    • Naturopathic Doctor/homeopath/homeopathic remedies/energy healing
    • Different types of meditation/mindfulness
    • EMDR
      • Helped reduce number of nightmares and PTSD and anxiety
    • Massage, including Swedish, Energetic Touch, Thai, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Bodywork, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Joint mobilization, Sports Massage, PNF Stretches, and scalp massages (Orinda Physical Therapy; Dr. Sheldon Low’s approach to migraines)
      • Helped with pain but temporary
    • Crystals/stones/EMF protection devices/Aromatherapy/Sound Healing
    • Dr. Michael Rosenbaum of Preventive Medical Center of Marin (winter 2015)
      • Neurotransmitter tests
        • Epinephrine was 3.1 (L) and reference range is 4.7-20.8 ug / gCr
        • Testing company (NeuroScience/Pharmasan Labs) recommended a 4-month supplement plan (many of the ingredients go against the migraine diet)
        • Dr. Rosenbaum recommended digestive enzymes/5-HTP/GABA 500/L-Tyrosine
          • No substantial benefits
      • Expanded GI panels
        • Level of intestinal anti-gliadin IgA antibody was elevated, indicative of active dietary gluten sensitivity
        • Avoiding gluten does seem to help a little with nausea/dizziness
        • Also found elevated Intestinal Lysozyme and low Chymotrypsin
    • Kinesio Tape
      • Helps with posture
      • Hard to apply myself so working on improving posture without it
    • Body Code; Touch for Health; Reflex Re-patterning
      • Three sessions of each with PT not pursuing further
    • Grand Master Danadoost healings
      • Saw a student of his who also did crystal/craniosacral/massage work and a couple hours later dizziness was better for a couple minutes, but she doesn’t seem to think repeat sessions would help much
  • Protocols I could potentially try still:
    • New CGRP migraine medicines (unsure insurance/medi-cal covers)
    • Korean Gongjin-dan
      • being used in a study for unexplained chronic dizziness in Korea but the study excludes vestibular cases so seems like it’s not worth trying; plus hard to get the full set of it
    • Juicing and consuming the raw cannabis plant: According to an herbalist, “the THCA won’t have the psychoactive effect that is making you feel like you have brain fog. I would do a colon cleanse using a coffee enema as well”
      • Tried juicing for breakfast for week and didn’t notice much change
    • Higher CBD concentrations through a marijuana doctor (have referral from a now-deceased psychiatrist to one such doctor in Napa area but I’m unable to find doctor’s card)
    • TMS therapy for migraines (it’d have to be pricey as out-of-pocket and hasn’t been proven to help with dizziness)
    • Further Tai Chi/Dayan Qigong
    • Core Tendon Guard
    • Neurodevelopmental Treatment
    • Brain Gym
      • Seen a PT who does the above four treatments and she didn’t pursue them
    • Long-term meditation such as live at a monastery
      • Longest I’ve done was a 5-day silent retreat
    • Visit healers in Nepal/Tibet/India
    • Osteopath
    • Endocrinologist, Dr. Eric Gordon, who specializes in the treatment of complicated disorders. My therapist in 2012 was concerned that some of my notable symptoms may be masquerading as psychological when, in reality, there is a medical basis for them which has yet to be properly diagnosed. For example, Dr. Richard Shames, a Harvard-trained endocrinologist, has noted in a book titled, Thyroid Power , an undiagnosed thyroid problem (due to false negative results obtained by insufficiently sensitive TSH tests) could present symptomatically similar to my medical or psychological complaints. Doctors told me to instead see neurologists as my hormone levels are normal, but according to this therapist more sophisticated tests are needed and that I need to see someone who specializes in mystifying illnesses, not just any specialist
      • Though I had my doctor order thyroid tests and the tests that Dr. Thames recommends and all my results were normal

Meds could still potentially try

  • seems combo of meds is last big thing to try before botox
    • combos venlax+propra or topir +verap (avoid same grps)_
  • We never increased Diltiazem CD 120 mg/d
    • increasing as tolerated to 240-480 mg total/d, often in two divided doses. Constipation and hypotension are the most common side effects, but this is often the best-tolerated regimen.
    • From ENT handout
  • Sodium valproate
    • From same handout: 250-500 mg BID is usually well tolerated, but liver function tests and platelets should be monitored.
  • Nadolol
    • handout: “fewer such CNS side effects than propranolol; it is started at 20 mg/d and increased as needed up to 120 mg/d.”
      • My concern depression side-effect
  • UCSF neuro on 1/2014 said he’d reserve keppra for future
  • Gabapentin
    • According to my neurologist’s notes (which he wasn’t the best at) I tried 300mg
    • Handout: at a low dose of 300 mg a day, with weekly escalating doses to a first target dose of 300 mg three times a day (900 mg total). Then it can be increased gradually to another target dose of 1800 mg total a day (in 3 divided doses), or until side effects (usually sedation) appear. It has the inconvenience of frequent dosing, but with a low adverse effect profile. Dosing adjustments are necessary for renal insufficiency
    • My concern is fatigue
  • Nortriptyline up to 200
    • Current neurologist says 100mg is max at 8 weeks which I’ve tried

List of Past Medications/Supplements

-Name, amount, time period, why prescribed, reason stopped if remembered

-Dizziness meds at top of list

-Unless noted differently, meds attempted at lowest possible dose and then I tried to work up to a higher dose if possible (generally the side effects were too much or the medication didn’t do anything)

  • Nortriptyline: 100 mg pill, PM (took 10mg and increased every 2 weeks and was on 100mg from 3/28/18 until 5/24/18)
    • To treat dizziness caused by migraines; begun 11/9/17; no positive results
  • Fish Oil: two 1000 mg softgels, AM/lunch (cod oil; seemed to worsen; overall fish oil doesn’t seem to benefit)
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: 500mg, AM as needed for energy/migraines (have stopped for now as couldn’t get thru it after a couple days; seemed to aggravate dizziness)
  • Alpha Lipoic Sustain with Biotin (330mcg): 300mg x 2, AM/PM as needed for energy/migraines (have stopped for now as couldn’t get thru it after a couple days; seemed to aggravate dizziness)
  • Topiramate, 25mg, September 2013, dizziness
  • DIVALPROEX SODIUM, 250mg, August 2013, dizziness
  • verapamil ER, 120mg; dizziness; Oct 2012
  • propandal, 10mg (was given 240 pills it seems); July 2014; dizziness
  • Olanzapine 5mg; only prescribed 3 it seems; dizziness
  • Amiloride 5mg; 1x for 10 days then 2x; early January 2014
    • Seems was also prescribed HCTZ 50 2x
  • Amlodipine 10mg; July 2013; ½ at PM 10 days then 1 at PM; dizziness
  • Clonidine HCL; Oct 2014; .1mg; 1x PM 2wks; then 2x PM
  • amitriptyline hcl; June 2014; dizziness; 10mg tab (I was given 120 tabs each month it seems)
  • methylergonovine .2mg 2x 10 days then 2 2x; dizziness; Feb 2014; seems like I tried it for a couple weeks
  • Divalproex October 2013; dizziness; delayed release; 250 mg tb; 1 2x 10 days; 1 3x 10 days; 2 2x
  • Nicardipine 30mg 2x (aka 1x twice daily); mid November 2013
  • Namenda 10 mg; ½ tab 2x for 10 days then 1 2x after; dizziness; mid-December 2013
  • clonazePAM (KLONOPIN) 0.5 mg tablet; Fall 2012/Winter 2013 as needed but usually took at night if dizziness was real bad though stopped as couldn’t function or it didn’t do much; maybe helped zone me out so dizziness wasn’t too intense but I couldn’t function on it; Take 0.5 mg by mouth 2 (two) times daily as needed.
  • diazepam (VALIUM) 2 mg tablet; Take 2 mg by mouth every 6 (six) hours as needed; ; Fall 2012/Winter 2013 as needed but usually took at night if dizziness was real bad though stopped as couldn’t function or it didn’t do much; maybe helped zone me out so dizziness wasn’t too intense but I couldn’t function on it
  • VENLAFAXINE HCL (EFFEXOR ORAL); 25mg; Take by mouth; December 2012; dizziness
  • BUSPIRONE HCL; 10mg, November 2012; dizziness/depression if recall; made dizzier and no benefit if recall but prescribed by psych
  • SUMATRIPTAN SUCCINATE; late Nov 2012; dizziness
  • IMITREX; 6 MG/0.5ML; early Nov 2012; dizziness
  • METOCLOPRAMIDE HCL; 5mg; December 2012; dizziness
  • NAPROXEN 500mg; 11/12; dizziness, maybe pain too but prescribed by neurologist
  • cyproheptadine hcl; 56 were prescribed but imagine was for dizziness as it was Feb 2014 when I was trying dizzy meds
  • abilify 2mg 2x; 5/12-6/12; believe stopped because didn’t work and fatigue
  • acetazolamide 250 mg tabs x indef; believe for dizziness so must have stopped because didn’t work or side effects
  • acyclovir 400mg, 1x; 2/12 & 4/12; seems I only tried it for three days and then again two months later for five days; assume it was to try to stop bad migraine attack and that it didn’t do anything
  • emodum prn or pan(?); in my chart but I think they meant Imodium
  • Meclizine 25mg, 1 3x; for vertigo; 5/12 for a week, did nothing
  • Ondansetron (ZOFRAN) 4 mg tablet in Winter 2012, then it was 8mg in July 2013 by mouth every 8 (eight) hours; dizziness/maybe nausea too but prescribed by neurologist and also it seems by gastroenterologist
  • Meloxicam/Mobic; 2013?; spine pain with goal to help with dizziness too prescribed by pain doctor who’s also neurologist
  • BUTRANS; spine pain with goal to help with dizziness too prescribed by pain doctor who’s also neurologist; 5 MCG/HR; if I recall helped a bit with pain but nausea too much to handle
  • pseudoephedrine; for sinusitis but also for dizziness if recall; didn’t really help much at all; fall 2011-2012; took on and off
  • nasonex; 9/11-10/11; 2 sprays each nostril; for sinusitis; didn’t really help much at all
  • sulfamethoxazole-tmp ds; 2/27/12-3/8/12; unsure but I think because of a cyst
  • Citalopram 10mg ½ 1x; March 2014, prescribed by psych so assume depression
  • Sertraline hcl 25mg then we tried going to 50mg but didn’t help; depression (made dizziness worse if recall)
  • Adderall, 30MG, ¼ of a pill, for fatigue/inability to work, difficult to tolerate with dizziness, May 2017
  • Xanax (have tried some on own and helped with mood; made a little dizzy if recall)
  • Vicodin (for wisdom surgery but also tried on own for pain and helped but little dizzy if recall)
  • BILTRICIDE; 600mg; 1 pill if recall; April 2012; schistosoma mansoni parasite; Dr. Joseph Vinetz said it wiped out the parasite but symptoms didn’t change
  • SULFAMETHOXA2DLE-TRIMETHOPRIM; 80(. 160 MG; parasite/nausea if recall; only week worth so likely only took that much
  • STROMECTOL; parasite; 3MG; 1 or 2 pills if recall
  • benzoyl peroxide 10 % CREAM; Fall 2012-Winter 2013; Apply topically; helped a little with acne
  • CUNDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE; 1% CREAM; Fall 2012-Winter 2013; helped a little with acne
  • fluticasone (FLONASE) 50 mcg/actuation nasal spray; Fall 2012/Winter 2013; helped a little with sinusitis; not really; 50 mcg by nasal route daily.
  • Ventolin HFA Aer, to see if I had asthma, didn’t have asthma
  • TIGAN 300 MG PO CAPS ﴾Started 4/29/2006﴿; 1 capsule 3 times daily as needed; parasite I think (if so, didn’t help)
  • ALIGN PO CAPS Take 1 Cap by mouth once per day; Spring 2006; parasites; didn’t help
  • MINOCYCLINE HCL 100 MG PO CAPS 1 CAPSULE daily; Spring 2006; acne I believe, if so didn’t help much
  • TETRACYCLINE HCL 500 MG PO CAPS ﴾Started 4/29/2006﴿; 1 capsule every 6 hours on empty stomach; unsure; acne I believe, if so didn’t help much
  • Before bad sicknesses started
    • OMNICEF 300 MG PO CAPS ﴾Started 11/16/2003﴿
    • Two capsules p.o. qd for 10 days
    • NASAL 0.65 % NA SOLN ﴾Started 12/4/2004﴿
    • 2 sprays per nostril every 3 hours as needed
    • ROBITUSSIN DM 100‐10 MG/5ML PO SYRP ﴾Started 12/4/2004﴿
    • 1 teaspoonful every 4 to 6 hours as needed
    • AZITHROMYCIN 500 MG PO TABS ﴾Started 12/4/2004﴿
    • 1 tablet daily

Past Supplements

  • CoQ10 300mg (varying doses tried as well)
    • Didn’t seem to help with dizziness; maybe a little
  • Zinc and Vitamin C (2000mg)
    • Helps a little when I have a cold
  • Sam-E 200mg 1x
    • Unable to tolerate as make dizziness worse
  • Butterbur 75mg/Feverfew 200mg 3x
    • Didn’t observe benefit
  • Wu Ling San: 3g 2x, AM/PM (tried around 4/24/18)
  • D-ribose .575g, as needed for energy (tried a couple times; helps with energy a little since I can’t have caffeine but unsure I tolerate it well)
  • Imodium: four 2mg pills, AM as needed diarrhea
  • Siberian Ginseng: 2g, AM as needed for energy
    • helped a little with energy
  • B12: 5mg 1-4x, AM/PM as needed for energy
    • helped a little with energy
  • GABA 500 to 750mg, maybe helped a little for anxiety; thinking of trying it again
  • 5-HTP, 100mg (1-3x?) sleep, anxiety, Spring 2015
  • Different varieties of Chinese and Western herbal tinctures; Omegas, multi-vitamins (food-cultured one, source of life), C, B, D3, probiotics (Jarro-Dophilus EPS + FOS, others such as ones with enzymes and ones 100 billion), Magnesium (citrate, stearate, glacinate)
  • Guarana (believe I tried), 250mg
  • Melatonin 5mg
  • L-tryptophan (believe I tried), 500mg
  • DGL/licorice, varying doses and the max was 2250mg, (helped a little with nausea)
  • THC many varieties (help a little with anxiety and pain somewhat zenseeker
  • L-tyrosine, 500mg 2x; for energy, maybe helped a little
  • Adrenotone; for energy dizziness
  • L-glutamine (free-form), 500mg, 1-2x
  • Mucinex; sinusitis; maybe helped a little; one a day
  • Digestive enzymes; maybe helped a little with nausea
  • Different psychedelics/drugs but didn’t help, generally made dizzy
  • Liothyronine I believe my chiropractor said he had me try; for dizziness
  • Pineal lyph; for dizziness; chiropractor
  • Adrenal desiccated (too dizzying if recall); for dizziness; chiropractor
  • Mushroom elixir teas (dizzying)


Goodness me that’s quite a disciplined study!


Wow, I thought I was trying hard to get rid of the dizziness… this is incredible. Yeah, I vote for vestibular rehabilitation (i.e. relaxation) in Mexico and getting some new doctors to re-evaluate your condition.


Omg…thats a blog more than a post !!!


Which is why I’ve moved it into the Personal Diary category :slight_smile:


wow, just one thought, i saw you tried venlafaxine 25mg, but not the extended released and the max dose for it is 150 for migraines, so maybe you could try it by itself first. Also, from my own experience, it is very good with anxiety and depression.


Once I finish my thesis I also plan to move to a beach in mexico and figure out how long I should be away from computers to see if that’s what’s making it worse


Good idea! I think given I’m not the best at tolerating meds or they don’t do much for me I’ll finish the aimovig I’m on as already started it and then try botox as I figure out if that works faster and if those fail then I’ll suggest venlafaxine though if I’m not mistaken most people on here say Ami has been the best for them and I think also helps with depression so I’m leaning towards that as I don’t think I got high on it the first time around and I seem better able to tolerate meds now


Venlafaxine and amitriptyline are both antidepressants. Amitriptyline is renowned for causing significant weight gain. Otherwise, lots of people here like it.


Yea I think I’m going to finish the aimovig trial as only about 4 months left and about 2 mos in and then botox as that’s a 6 month trial then probably get high dose of either venlafaxine or ami (though weight gain sounds meh but I can deal given lots of people seem to like it on here).


Good luck. It’s very good you have a plan. Being informed and having some sense of controlling your fate is important for mental health.


Have you tried activated forms of vitamin folate (B9)? Like folinic acid, or methylfolate? For some people it can mean literally everything for their health problems, so thought I’d suggest at least trying it for a few weeks. My mom got lots of relief from her Fibromyalgia by using methylated B12 and methylfolate. If you try methyl-activated stuff, start with a low dose first because it can cause some anxiety if you aren’t used to it. That’s why I started with folinic acid first.

I use MegaFolinic 0.8mg, 2x per day. It helps a lot with my body anxiety, sleep, skin issues, and perhaps some of my dizziness / headpressure. I’ve heard its important to have B6 and B12 at the same time, so make sure you have a good B multi-vitamin. I like JigSaw Activated B w/SRT because its low in B3 which can make me a little amp’ed up.


I’ve tried a B complex for years and years and that didn’t seem to do anything and it had folic acid in it and my main problem is dizziness and fatigue so not sure it’s worth spending the money on but thanks!


Folic Acid is not the same thing. Some people are unable to convert Folic Acid to a bioavailable form because they lack a specific enzyme. Hence why you need Folinic Acid (not Folic) or Methylfolate.

I totally get it though, its just another vitamin and probably won’t fix everything. But… for some people out there it is the “one thing” that solves most of their health problems. So thought I’d at least bring it up.


Thanks! It was only ten bucks for a different brands folinic (as they didn’t have the brand you mentioned) so I’ll try it after I try the cbd :slight_smile:


If you guys can recommend any products not currently on the mvertigo shop but think should be there, I’d be most grateful!

Proviso is, for now, they need to be on Amazon :slight_smile: Some products are chosen as they are available in more than one territory, so may not be the most popular ‘brand’ in a single territory …


Im currently trialing Botox. Just had 2nd treatment today 31 injections. I see its something you are planning to give a go in the future. I will keep you updated and let you know if it gives me any benefit from the dizziness. As yet it has massively improved my pain side of Mav but i still suffer daily dizziness…fingers crossed it will eventually have some impact on this as well
Jo x