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Has anyone ever tried an adaptogen or nervine? I have been reading about them and they sound interesting. My worst symptoms are migraines, visual vertigo, derealization and whole body muscle pain, any suggestions on which ones ot try? Here is a little info about each…

A nervine is a plant remedy that has a beneficial effect upon the nervous system. Nervines are especially useful during times of stress because they have a strong relaxing and calming effect without producing a dulling, “hang-over” side effect. They also tone and restore the nervous system to a more balanced state. Some nervines are also anti-spasmodic, meaning they relax the peripheral nerves and the muscle tissue, which in turn has a relaxing effect on the whole system.

Adaptogens are unique plants or herbs that support your adrenal system. They help balance your hormones, so you can manage your stress response on a day to day basis. They adapt to what your body needs and have the ability to regulate your system up or down depending on the need in the moment.


I find Ashwaghanda is a decent adaptogen for me. But honestly I get more milage out of CBD oil for MAV.


I agree CBD is better than Ashwaghanda and the effect is more immediate.


Thank you both for the replys! That is great that you found somthing that helps you! Is there a brand of CBD you like? And what dose do you use? With the CBD or Ashwaghanda is that somthing that you have to take everyday? I am mostly looking for somthing that I can take on an as needed basis.


Holy basil is good. I find it more helpful than ashwagandha.


I have tulsi(holy basil) + ginger tea ,it works well !


Thank you for that suggestion. Do you take holy basil as needed? Also dose it come in tincture form and if so what dose/brand is best?