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What is the recent take on Acupuncture for VM ? All the post about it I found are quite old

While it is definitely not a cure, it can be useful for reducing stress and anxiety, two things that heavily contribute to MAV. For me at least I find I feel a little better after an acupuncture session. At least I’m more relaxed which counts for something

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I had many sessions of acupuncture via the NHS and sadly they couldnt help me with my VM symptoms…mind you i had severe symptoms at the time

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i dont think it helps the vestibular issues, it helps with other: neck pain, insomnia, head pain, anxiety. I did it for a year and loved it.

Did you try the acupuncture ? How did you get on with it? I’m thinking of giving it a go

Have you searched it on here? There are lots of references and @Acuamy seemed to experience success with headaches with it in 2017. Years back my brother was completely and quite rapidly cured of totally debilitating constant vertigo, work related brought on extremely heavy lifting, by acupuncture. He is not a migraineur and has never had MAV. Helen

I had a search but didn’t see much apart from skepticism :sweat_smile:
Interesting your brother was helped by acupuncture. How does he know for sure it wasn’t migraine; if you have it he could have it too? Given MAV can come without headaches?
The reason I’m looking into acupuncture is that one of my close family members had dizziness for two years and eventually went for a Chinese “moxibustion” treatment and finally got rid of it… and now my whole family is badgering me to go :crazy_face:

Guess ‘know’ by timing maybe. It came on immediately after some extreme lifting of weight at work. He would have been very fit active 20 year old maybe at the time. He had no other symptoms apart from severe spinning vertigo and accompanying nausea, spent most of his time in bed lying flat which lasted on/off 18 months, lost his job etc, etc. I think he damaged his neck/spine. Years later he was found to have spinal damage he definitely wasn’t born with. Guess that was linked. Helen