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5G coming your way...


Good point, or think about how much we like to get out in the sun and willingly subject ourselves to UV / X-ray / gamma radiation… All brought to us courtesy of Mother Nature herself. The radiation from the sun is by far more damaging to humans.


And the headaches that bright orb thing gives me! It’s been absolutely gorgeous in Seattle. I hope it stops soon.


With bacon, you have a choice… with 5G you don’t. And it takes a lot for people to take to the streets to riot about anything. Bacon is like cigarettes. Nobody cares.




Good point Anthony!


Yes indeed.

/Looks in mirror, sees wrinkles :see_no_evil:


Oh, I feel for you. And me. Light sensitivity is the absolute pain. I’m pretty good with sun now but today the South West of England is in the middle of a blizzard. We don’t need ‘visual snow’ here today. We’ve got the real thing. It’s snowing hard, and tomorrow wall-to-wall sunshine is forecast. I can remember when falling snow put me in the same predicament. Guess looking at it made me nauseous. It’s OK at the moment, dull but still reflecting tons of light. Add 23000 lux of sun tomorrow and I’m just planning the best place in the house to hide! Oh, the glories of MAV. I used to love being out taking photographs in the snow! Once upon a time. Helen


Not on a migraine diet though. It’s definitely off the menu for me as is ham. Anything ‘salty’ is. Strange the perverseness of the human mind. I was never a lover of a Full English breakfast or ham. Well, not til it hit the ‘banned’ list. Now wouldn’t I give for a bacon sandwich if only it didn’t give me rear head pressure.
In all seriousness I take your point. The sun, the snow etc and 5G it seems we are stuck with. What we consume i]should be from choice. Helen

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Got a bit too heated here. No stranger to differences of opinion myself. Occasionally we all need to step back from a debate and recognise it’s got too personal. Comments that get too personal may be deleted so we can keep a nice environment here for everyone. Differences of opinion remain respected however. Please read the FAQ for more guidelines.. Thanks for your understanding.