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50 Shades of Migraine


I have or have had about 98% of these.

Better, direct link:


I say that’s a pretty comprehensive list you found there. 98% very impressive. You win! I can only muster 80%, as yet. Face and Mouth been good so far. Helen


Ah, another contest I win by losing!!

Perhaps I shall perform my MAV interpretive dance that involves quite a bit of spinning (but not much observable motion) followed by leaning against the counter a while. It’s riveting, I must say.


I’m going to go with 90%-96% of this I’ve also had unfortunately; never the burning tongue/mouth thing.
I just realized, we’re super human—
Detecting awful smells that others do not (phantosmia) or sensitivity to smells (osmophobia)–
I currently live in an apartment with a terrible neighbor who smokes like a chimney In their apartment (cigs and pot) and it comes through the vents. No one else picks up on the keen smells unless it’s entirely strong, but I can pick up on it when it’s just slight.
We’re super human! I bet our condition in the olden days helped a lot for hunting and sharpened keen senses.


Angela Stanton thinks it kept the tribe from getting eaten by lions.


Volunteers willing to prove it next time they go to the zoo could, I suspect, be bit difficult to find maybe? Helen


Ah, me too. That’s what it’s called is it. Phantosmia. That’s caused quite a few ‘heated discussions’ in our house. And I could smell Himself polishing his walking boots downstairs in the utility room from upstairs in the bathroom. Opposite ends of the house. Helen


Crikey - lots here that I can lay claim too as well!. There is a certain satisfaction reading the list and thinking yes that’s me! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Jan


That’s why I posted it. I printed it out and highlighted the bits that describe me. Now I’m going to give it to every physician I see.