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2018 study on Petadolex safety


Hi. After just purchasing Migravent, then having second thoughts due to safety concerns, I did some more research on Petadolex. There had been some concerns since Germany and Switzerland do not allow the sale of the product any longer. I found this study:
It is very thorough and helps explain why Petadolex has not gone through the approval process again in these countries.
I have contacted VitaSciences, the people behind Migravent asking for proof of their 3rd party PA testing for their butterbur. If they respond, I will share that information. But for now, I am going to spend a bit more money and buy the Petadolex due to its probable safety.

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Petadolex Petadolex (UK link)
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My Neurologist prescribed Butterbur. He said just pick one that is PA free. Stick to genuine looking brands and ones that are highly rated on amazon. I think Migravent fits those requirements. If they were that unsafe I think you’d hear about it on amazon reviews, or my Neurologist would have given me a list of ones to avoid. But everyone’s risk tolerance is different, so do what you are comfortable with. :grinning:


Thank you. You are probably right. I just got really nervous about it because I wasn’t sure if the other meds I’m on would effect the liver being able to safely take on everything. But of course if it’s PA free, there shouldn’t be reason to worry about that to begin with.


some info about butterbur


Hi V. I wanted to try this too but am in the UK and a bit worried if it really is PA free.I get terrible hayfever in the summer and thought it might help that too.R.


I’ve taken both Petadolex and Dolovent for years. My liver function tests always come out fine.


I started the petadolex. They have a US patent explaining their PA extraction process. It seems safe. I hope it does something.


I take a riboflavin/butterbur/ginger combo called Migra-Eeze. In truth I take it because it’s the only 400mg riboflavin item I could recently find online. (Riboflavin is only sold in Canada at 100mg, and I take so many pills already I wanted a single-pill 400mg.) The bottle says it has “extremely low levels” of PA in the butterbur. Hope so.


Wow that is a lot of riboflavin! I just looked up the product. It is by LifeExtension? They are a very high quality brand. Have you noticed it helping you?


To be honest, I have no idea. I started taking riboflavin, magnesium, CoQ10, and nortriptyline at the same time. I’ve since changed from nort to Effexor and I think that had a bigger impact than anything else. It’s possible the supplements have had some positive impact over time (six months) but I would not swear to it—at the same time I don’t plan to stop taking them. And I’ve recently felt a bit better and have been taking high-dose vitamin D again, but in no way would I make a clear connection between those two things. I’ve also upped my Effexor XR dose so maybe that’s what is making a difference, or maybe it’s something else.

I just have a feeling that my case is pretty intractable and that the heavy-duty prescription drugs are what are making the difference for me. I say this in part because I have taken other supplements periodically in the past for other reasons and conditions (e.g. B12, ginger) and noticed very little. I know a lot of people get noticeable and meaningful results from supplements but I just don’t think I’m one of them. I wish I were!

I’m glad to know the brand has a good reputation—yes that is the manufacturer and product that I’m using.


Thanks for that explanation. Also, I didn’t know ginger was beneficial. Apparently if you take a very small amount of powdered ginger mixed with water during a migraine, it works just as well as the prescription triptans and much much safer!! I’m going to buy some powdered ginger now to have on hand.


I find that amazing. I mean, I think it’s great that some powdered ginger might stop an acute migraine in its tracks for some people—more power to them—but I am pretty sure it would do exactly zero for me. I hope it works for you! If it does, be sure to report in a new thread.


Ginger is good for nausea and it tastes good. That’s about the extent of its beneficial effects for me.